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Winning condition: -Defeat Imelda in 23 turns
Losing conditions: -Death of Elwin
                   -Run out of time
Items: Longbow, Plate Armor, Cross, Necklace, Orb, Amulet
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
    On the ship:
     Imelda General L10 Wand, Amulet, Ballista x4, Phalanx x2
     Imperial General Wizard L3 Ballista x4, Dark Elf x2
     Imperial General Archmage L4 Ballista x4, Phalanx x2
    On the docks:
     Imperial General Saint L5 Armored Soldier x6
    On the water:
     Imperial General Serpent Lord L4, Lizardman x6
     Imperial General Dragon Knight L8, Griffin x6

    Eastern Reinforcements (arrive when someone has reached the ship):
     Laird Silver Knight L9 Heavy Horseman x4, Berserker x2
     Imperial General Dragon Knight L10 Griffin x6
     Imperial General Lord L10 Phalanx x6

Another scenario with lots of mages and ballistae... start off by sending all your forces out, although you may want to keep a mixed group of pikemen and soldiers to greet the enemy reinforcements. Resist the urge to have everyone go at their own speed unless you're really confident - you want to keep your forces together. If you think you can handle it, have everyone move at their fastest because it will take some of the pressure from the timer off you. Ballistae are not a very good choice for this mission because they're so slow, and your mages will do most of the long-range attacking anyway. If you want, you can give your ballista commander boots of speed to aid their movement.

To get to secret scenario ?2, bring Elwin to the top-right corner of the map. Elwin will say something about the enemy's reinforcements, and then at the end you will have the option of confronting them. To get him there in time, give him speed boots if he can equip them, and have him go for that place above everything else - no stopping to attack enemies. Thanks to Pyrolight for this info.

Once you reach the ship, have horsemen take out the Saint, and use mages to keep pressure on the enemy mages and destroy their ballistae. If you don't have meteor by now, feed your archmage kills using your other characters to speed him up. Meteor is crucial for crushing ballistae. Try not to fight the serpent lord in the water if you can, since defeating him with that 50% bonus will be extremely tedious. You shouldn't have to worry about the dragon knights, since they're lower leveled than the one you had to fight to get into Bernhart's castle - just hit them with archers and let whoever needs exp the most get the kill. Watch out for Imelda's and the wizard's blast, they can take out your leaders if you're not careful. If you do this right, you can destroy all the ballistae without them firing a single shot. Of course, you could just go in and kill them with troops if you want to.

By the time you reach Imelda, you should have things wrapped up. If you're pressed for time, kill her right away, but otherwise send a couple of leaders to deal with the reinforcements. Except for Laird, they are exceedingly weak, practically walking experience, so feed them to your weakest character.

After defeating Imelda, the party prepares to leave for Velzeria. If Elwin discovered the enemy reinforcements, you get a chance to defeat them before you go.