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Winning condition: -Death of General Vargas
Losing condition : -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  Left wing:
          Imperial General Swordsman L4 Berserker x4, Dark Elf x2
        ( Imperial General Magic Knight L1 Horseman x4, Soldier x2 ) x2
  Right wing:
          Imperial General Swordsman L4 Berserker x4, Dark Elf x2
          Imperial General Bishop L5 Wand, Pikeman x6
          Imperial General Bishop L5 Wand, Ballista x4, Soldier x2
        ( Imperial General Dragon Knight L4, Griffin x6 ) x2
  Rear guard:
          Imperial General Bishop L5 Wand, Ballista x4, Soldier x2
          Zolm Highlord L9 War hammer, Horseman x4, Berserker x2

  When you move any unit two spaces past the row of houses (the same
  row the last bishop is on) Vargas shows up and he and Zolm attack.
          Vargas General L8 Devil Axe,
                            Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2
Vargas' AI is totally berserk in this scenario.

How tough this scenario is depends on how experienced your characters are, and how many expensive items you've bought. If your characters are strong, you don't really have to worry much about tactics here, since you'll be able to just roll over everything. If not, then you'll have to do some planning. As usual, position your forces for effective countering. The best way to take on ballistae is to use phalanxes, but any unit with a protection spell on them can probably manage. Remember that mounted and water units can't move over houses. Watch out for the two dragon knights. If it looks like they're going for a group that can't handle them, pull that group back to your main force. The problem

with this mission is that your forces tend to get really spread out due to the positions of your enemies, and sometimes a powerful enemy will make you wish they weren't. If you get clobbered, it's time to consider taking the mission a little more slowly. You should definitely not trigger Vargas until you've killed everything above that row of houses.

Once Vargas appears, regroup your forces and choose a spot to meet him. If you're confident, pick a relatively open space so that you hit him hard and quickly. If you're not, choose a narrow alley where his horsemen will have trouble hitting you, and you can hit him from all sides with troops, leaders, and magic. Put units on the rooftops beside the alley, but not directly next to it, and not so forward that Vargas or his troops can reach them by climbing. When Vargas arrives, he should be open on at least two sides, and within range of all your characters - timing and placement are everything. Pick out your best 2 leaders, and have everyone else hit Vargas with magic. Hopefully, the pair will be able to finish him.

Either way, let them come to you so you can take down Zolm first - you don't want to fight them both at the same time. Zolm is a bit stronger but he should be no match for your horsemen. If you're having trouble, power them up with an attack spell.

The previous scenario's description advised favoring your would-be swordmaster; this isn't the scenario where you need him, but keep feeding him kills nonetheless.

Upon defeating Vargas, Leon and Laird appear, and a short dialogue takes place between them. The party shares a brief moment of silence for the fallen.