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Winning Condition: -Riana escapes to top of map
                   -Defeat all enemies
Losing Condition:  -Death of Riana
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, War Hammer, Great Sword, Small Shield, Robe, Cross
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott
  Front gates:
     Zolm Lord L1 Soldier x4

     Imperial General Knight L1 Soldier x3
   ( Imperial General Fighter L3 Soldier x4 ) x2

  Ambush, shows up when you bring a hero to or beyond the rear bridge
  or when Zolm is defeated:
   ( Imperial General Fighter L3  Soldier x4, Barbarian x2 ) x2

     Rolan Highlord L7 Great Sword, Large Shield
                       Soldier x2, Archer x2

  ( General Fighter L5 Soldier x3 ) x2

    Riana Cleric L3 (unless you really pushed her healing last scenario,
                     which I doubt.)

Compared to the last scenario, this one is pretty straightforward. Imperial generals of the Fire Dragon Army show up to take Riana (again) and you have to escort her out through the back exit. Of course, things are never that easy, and a pair of enemy commanders shows up to ambush you. The commanders are pretty weak, and their soldiers are even worse than the ones in the last mission since some of them are barbarians. Plus, you don't have to worry about them escaping or any enemies breaking through the front gates because Rolan is so powerful.

Buy at least one great sword, it gives a huge +4 attack bonus. It'll be awhile before you see it come up in the shop again. Since Hain's defense is so low, you might also consider a robe for him. You can go with any number of soldiers you want, since as stated before the enemies aren't that powerful. 4 to each hero should do nicely. Try to take the fighting as far from the gates as possible, because the enemy has an annoying tendency to use the +40% DF walls that are on the outside of the manor (Outside?! Aren't the walls supposed to protect the defenders?) Since you don't have to worry about time, try to kill all enemy soldiers before going for the leaders for the most experience. Keep Hain himself behind the front lines, because his defense is low.

Alternative Strategy: All marbles[edit]

The NPC's defending the front gate will never join you, so any experience they get from killing Zolm's crew will be wasted. There is a way to prevent this. Buy both Elwin and Scott Great Swords, and get Hain as many guardsmen as possible. Depending on how lucky Jikeidan was last scenario, you might have some leftover cash. If so, use it to buy some soldiers for Elwin and Scott.

When the scenario starts, disregard Scott's advice and move Elwin and Scott to the front gates of the castle, where the fighting is. Post Hain at the rear gate. From here on, you are trying to get as many kills as possible with Elwin and Scott in the south, while keeping the enemy from breaking through in the north. Go for enemy leaders above all - although the Knight gets attack/defense bonuses against your fighters, he has to REACH you first to hurt you, and your great sword should allow Elwin to do 6-8 damage in a single attack. The other enemy leaders are not very powerful, even Lord Zolm, and you should be able to easily get them for yourself provided you keep a save state ready. When Zolm and his cohorts are defeated, send Elwin and Scott back around to assist Hain. When the dust clears, you will (hopefully) have more than doubled your experience gain for this scenario.

If you're not willing to risk having Hain defend all by himself, you can do a milder version of this strategy by having only Elwin go to the front, and leaving Scott behind to support. You'll get less experience, but it'll also be a lot safer. If you position Hain's troops right, you can actually block Riana from reaching the back entrance, avoiding the hassle altogether.

A nice side effect of this strat is that since Hain will be taking so much damage, it's a great opportunity for Riana to practice her healing magic.

After the manor is quiet once more, Rolan gives you a Great sword and sends you off to Estol.