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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

The class changing advice is entirely based on opinion, there are many ways to get through the game and the classes in parentheses after each character are only one possible route.

Player characters[edit]


A wandering swordsman, he has traveled on his own since the death of his foster father, Doren. One day, while staying at a village, his friend asks him to help defend it from imperial soldiers. It would be the beginning of a series of adventures that would change his life.

Elwin has a strong sense of justice and is very aggressive in battle, always willing to do what he thinks is right. He is the son of Ledan/Garett and Chris/Mina from Langrisser 1, and therefore a Descendant of Light, one of the few able to wield Langrisser.

Natural bonuses
  • +1 A
  • +1 D
Class changing

There are 2 possible 5th-level classes for Elwin, Hero and Royal Guard. Although they are both pretty good classes, only Elwin can become a hero, while Scott is allowed to be a guard and has no other choice within the 5th-level tier. Regardless, you should still have Elwin spend at least one class as a knight since otherwise his offense will suffer. Highlander is a good time because that's about when Scott leaves you.

(Fighter, Lord, Highlander, Swordmaster, Hero)

Alternatively, you can go the King path. You'll miss out on the highlander class, but the king gives almost as many bonuses as the swordmaster and hero combined, in half the experience.

(Fighter, Knight, Highlord, King)

Hain (Hein)[edit]

A young magician who befriends Elwin while he is staying at his village. A childhood friend of Riana. He is an extremely fast learner, but remains a boy at heart throughout the game.

Class changing

Hain's the only character early on who can get elves, so I usually make him sorcerer. I keep him on that path (ie always choosing the middle class on the class change) the whole time since it includes the best magic-oriented classes, and allows you to get meteor early.

(Warlock, Sorcerer, Mage, Archmage, Zarvera)


A young maiden of light training to be a healer. She lost her sister at a young age. For some reason, the Empire has taken a great interest in her. She is shy and formal, but still makes a good addition to the party.

Natural bonuses
  • +2 D
Class changing

She's the best healer early on so I just keep her on the healer path, it gets her the best healing spells and good bonuses early on, and some unique support magic later like teleport.

(Cleric, Healer, Priest, High Priest, Agent)


The son of the lord in charge of protecting Hain's and Riana's village. He is very cool-headed, and knowledgeable of tactical and political matters. His presence is a great asset for players trying to learn the game.

Natural bonuses
  • +2 A
Class changing

Well, the only 5th level class open is royal guard, so it would probably be best to keep him as a knight all the way through.

(Fighter, Knight, Highlander, Knight Master, Royal Guard)

Sherry (Shelly)[edit]

This white-haired tomboy also happens to be the princess of Kalxath, the most powerful in an alliance of nations trying to oppose the Empire. She is an excellent fighter, wild, impulsive, and energetic... much to Keith's dismay. It can extremely funny watching her personality and Hain's bouncing off each other.

Natural bonuses
  • +1 A

Sherry is the Mystery Knight (Nazonoki) who saves you in scenario 3 and helps you again in scenario 4. She is also a Descendant of Light. Her ancestor is Sabra/Narm in Langrisser 1, although the two have little in common.

Note: Lance's last name in Langrisser 1 was Kalzas, which is what Kalxath is sometimes translated as. Connection? Sherry and Narm both had the ability to become a dragon knight, and Lance was also a dragon knight in the end.

Class changing

Sherry gets a lot of flexibility, and she could easily excel in a number of different areas. I like princess most because it's a unique class, and also because its attack just plain rocks. Before that you can go hawk-dragon knight (for power) or shaman-bishop (for magic and faster level ups). Shaman-mage also works. Highmaster is a mediocre class, so don't bother with it.

(Fighter, Hawk Knight, Dragon Knight, SilverKnight, Princess)


This old man is Sherry's sensei, and taught her most of what she knows about swordplay. Despite his age, he is a strong fighter, with endurance to match any of the younger members of the party.

Class changing

What you do here depends on how much you hate high masters. If you go the himaster path, you should have him spend a class or two as a knight, and you should definitely not use ranged weapons except for maybe just once to see what they look like and how bad they are. If you don't go himaster, then you can choose whichever 4th level class you like most.

(Fighter, Shaman, Magic Knight, Archmage)


Captain of Kalxath's aerial troops, and also Sherry's ward. He gets the unenviable job of ensuring that the princess keeps to her studies. He takes his duty to her and his kingdom very seriously, a contrast to the more light-hearted princess.

Natural bonuses
  • +2 D
Class changing

This guy's a natural flier through and through, and the dragon classes are pretty good besides.

(Hawk Knight, Dragon Knight, Dragon Lord, Dragon Master)


Jessica's student who guards the Raar river, the only way one can reach Jessica's hut. He is a harsh man with a loose temper who curses a lot, but he is good at heart and opposes everything that the Empire does.

Natural bonuses
  • +2 D
Class changing

You might not want to go the serpent route because of the movement penalties, but Lester as a serpent lord/master has some of the best ballistae in the game, great for dealing with enemy ballistae when they're hiding behind walls. If you don't go serpent master, just choose whatever 4th level class you like most.

(Crocodile Knight, Serpent Knight, Serpent Lord, Serpent Master)


An ancient magician from the time of the kingdom of Baltia. She knows more about the history of Langrisser and Alhazard than almost anyone else. She possesses the wisdom of hundreds of years inside of her, and has spent her many lifetimes fighting against the forces of darkness.

In Warsong, she was called Calais.

Class changing

Her options are pretty much the same as Hain. Since you already have a zarvera you might want to send her on the sage-summoner path instead.

(Sorcerer, Mage, Sage, Summoner)


Riana's twin sister who was kidnaped and mind-controlled by Bosel. She fought against Elwin and his crew as Dark Princess Larna. An outcast even among Imperials, she was shunned by all the Imperial commanders except Leon, who treated her as a normal woman even in captivity.

Natural bonuses
  • +1 D
Class changing

Same options as Riana. Choose whichever magic user appeals to you most.

(Cleric, Healer, Priest, High Priest, Agent)

Allied Non-player characters[edit]

"Such spirit!" -Sherry


Scott's father, he aids Elwin, Hain, and Riana early in the game. A stern character with a strong sense of duty, he is somewhat hard on those under him, easily disappointed in what he sees as failures.


Elwin's foster father, he cared for the orphaned boy until he was killed by Fayas. Elwin then became a wanderer, searching the world over for his father's killer.

Enemy Non-player characters[edit]


A craven killer and swordsman who thinks he's a knight. He is the one who kidnaps Riana in Scenario 1 and then slaughters the civilians before Elwin and Hain kick his sorry arse.


Leader of the Blue Dragon Knights, said to be the finest horsemen in the world. He is kind and honorable, but entirely devoted to his lord, Bernhart. He believes that Bernhart's ambition for uniting the continent is the only hope for peace. Leon is a Descendent of Light.


Leon's second in command and friend. He is loyal to his General, and in turn Leon trusts him like he does few others, entrusting him to carry out important tasks and allowing him to ride into battle at his side.

Zolm (Zilmu)[edit]

Right hand man of General Vargas of the Fire Dragon Corps. An incompetent old fool, but he is tenacious and doesn't give up easily.


Leader of the Fire Dragon Corps, the division of the Empire's forces which is composed mostly of infantry. Called 'The Valiant' for his exceptional courage in battle. He is a proud man, and the disaster that his father got his army into while he was a child keeps his mind weighted with shame.


An eccentric mage who works for Master Egbert of the Black Dragon Sorcerers. Think a scaled down version of Kefka. He shrieks a lot and enjoys killing things. He is one of the people sent out by the Empire to look for information regarding Alhazard.


A commander in the Blue Dragon Knights, he is assigned to guard the mountain pass leading to Kalxath castle. He prefers death to dishonor.

Egbert (Eggbert)[edit]

Leader of the Black Dragon Sorcerers. He is cold and calculating, and has both magical and tactical mastery. A former student of Jessica's, he believes that immense power is needed to combat darkness, and the only way to get that power is to use the power of darkness itself.


Leader of the Ice Dragon Navy. An extremely harsh leader, she sometimes kills her own troops as punishment for disobedience. Imelda has little patience for tactics or maneuvering, preferring to overwhelm her enemies with brute force.

Seigal and Folger[edit]

Two Dragon Lords in the Ice Dragon Army. The commander and second-in-command respectively of the relief army that arrives too late to save Imelda. Intensely loyal to their general, they will stop at nothing to avenge her death.


Prince of Darkness, he has been revived by Chaos to bring death and destruction to the world. Still weak after his revival, he has allied with Emperor Bernhart to achieve his ends. He is the one who showed Bernhart how to acquire Alhazard.

In Warsong, he was Ganelon, the master of Senefaria. Ganelon was the penultimate boss, the last person Garett/Ledan had to fight before confronting Chaos. Senefaria is Velzeria in Langrisser 2.


Archdemon sent by Bosel to kill Elwin while he was a child in his attempt to eradicate the Descendants of Light. Fayas killed Doren, Elwin's foster father, but was grievously injured in the process. His wound weakens him still.


A man with obscure origins, he rose in the ranks from a common soldier to becoming the Emperor of the strongest nation on the continent. He seeks power to unite men and crush their petty squabbles. He is willing to use any method, good or evil, to bring order to the world. And all too often evil is the most efficient way.