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Winning condition: -Death of Emperor Bernhart
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Longbow, Chain mail, Plate Armor,
Necklace, Orb, Speed Boots.
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica.
      Throne room:
          Bernhart Emperor L1 Ballista x4, Royal Horseman x2
          Bosel Dark Master L1 Dark Guard x6
        ( Imperial General Wizard L3 Phalanx x2, Ballista x4 ) x2

      Hall guard:
          Imperial General Saint L6 Phalanx x4, Heavy Horseman
      Stair guard:
        ( Imperial General Saint L3 Ballista x4, Berserker x2 ) x2
        ( Imperial General Archmage Ballista x2, Berserker x4 ) x2

Reinforcements (arrive second part of turn 5 at south entrance):
        ( Imperial General Magic Knight L10 Heavy Horseman x6 ) x2

This being an indoor map, your horsemen will have serious problems moving. Just bear with it, you'll still need them when confronting Bosel's Dark Guards.

Bernhart has prepared a nice ambush for you, but you still get to go first. Use the same strategy against enemy mages and ballistae as you did in last scenario - weaken them down to at least 7 HP, then take out their troops one by one with protected ballistae of your own. Meanwhile, have your melee troops gradually sweep the place clean of any other enemies. You might want to leave behind a unit of phalanxes to greet the enemy reinforcements.

Watch out for the wizards' blast spell - it is incredibly powerful, and could easily kill one of your heroes. Keep your leaders a good distance away - you should be able to, because all your fighters should have necklaces - or do the old knock down to 7 trick to stop them from casting it. Blast has a pretty short range. Resist is helpful, but you might not have it at this point.

Don't try to confront Bernhart and Bosel until you bring all your heroes over, although you may want to send kamikaze troops in before that to kill Bernhart's ballistae. Use dragoons against dark guards, and phalanxes against Bernhart's horsemen. Bosel himself should fall easily enough. Weaken Bernhart with magic first, otherwise his attack will likely do the full 10 damage to anything that attacks him. Use meteor to crush his throne into rubble, eliminating the 40% bonus, then hit him with your best characters. Be sure to have your dragon lord pick up the goodies in the fireplaces in the throne room.