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Winning Condition: -Defeat of Baldo
Losing Conditions: -Baldo escapes to edge of map
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife
Heroes: Elwin, Hain

      Leon Knightmaster L4 Plate mail, Great sword, Royal Horseman x1
      Laird MagicKnight L6 Chain mail, War hammer, Heavy Horseman x2
      Movement for these 2 is limited to their command radius.

   Infantry vanguard:
      Baldo Fighter L4 Soldier x6
      Riana (hostage, doesn't really do anything except take up space.)

      Imperial General Fighter L1 Soldier x6

   Villager Cleric L2 Civilian x3

When Baldo abducts Riana:
   Jikeidan(Vigilance) Lord L2 Chain mail, War hammer, Pikeman x6

   Shisai Priest L2 Chainmail, War hammer, Soldier x4, Guardsman x2

For a first scenario, this can be kinda tricky. Buy Elwin 6 soldiers, you'll need them all. Buy Hain between 4-6 guardsmen, he will be less important because he starts further away from the center. Get Elwin a knife if you want. Have Elwin attack imperial general and defeat as many of his troops as possible. Try to have Elwin himself get in an attack each turn, since he will be stronger than his soldiers. Go for damaged enemy soldiers first, and try to position Elwin so as many of his soldiers can attack while still being within 2 spaces of him. Listen to Laird and put damaged troops next to Elwin, and have any units that can't reach the enemy surround the damaged troop to protect it. Don't attack a unit next to the enemy commander unless you think you can finish it that turn, otherwise the commander will heal it right back up again.

Once Baldo comes close, it's time to forget about the imperial general if he's still alive. The two key passages are the space between the two houses to the left, and the top entrance to Elwin's house. Make sure these are blocked at all times, even if it means putting someone outside their commander's range. If Baldo makes it through either of those paths, you're basically screwed. Use Hain to block the left, and one of Elwin's soldiers to block the door. Form a line above that soldier with Elwin and any soldiers that aren't very damaged (8-10 health). Put the damaged units behind the line so Baldo doesn't attack them. Hopefully, Baldo will attack Hain's guardsmen, leaving him trapped between Elwin and Hain with nowhere to go. If not, read the next part anyway.

Hit Baldo with Hain's magic arrow and use Elwin and one of his soldiers to take out one of the soldiers protecting Baldo. Then hit Baldo with another soldier unit... make sure it's at full health. The idea here is to keep his health below 8 so he can't move. If you were able to contain him, this isn't as important. Use any remaining soldiers to attack Baldo's other troops - only if it's within their commander's range, though. If you can expose Baldo on two sides with Elwin and Hain still active, you should be able to kill him. Save before you try, though.

Note: Although it is rare, it is actually possible for Riana to cast heal on your characters during this battle. To do it, Baldo must not have moved that turn, and she must already be in a space next to him; basically, you have to make it so that the AI doesn't try to move her.