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Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Dragon Slayer, Dragon Scale, Aura, Gleipnur, Gyaral Horn.
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Larna.
      Witch Mage L1 Wand, Bone Dino x4, Vampire Bat x2
      Great Dragon L1 Elemental x6
    ( Great Dragon L1 Golem x4, Vampire Bat x2 ) x2

   3 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Bone Dino x4, Vampire Bat x2
   5 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Gargoyle x4, Golem x2
      Great Dragon L1 Wraith x4, Slime x2
   7 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Gargoyle x4, Golem x2
      Great Dragon L1 Wraith x4, Slime x2
   9 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Bone Dino x4, Vampire Bat x2

Second part of turn 3: Witch transforms into Saint L7, Longbow, Mirage Robe, Elemental x4.

There's a treasure trove of cool items in this scenario, but there's also a lot of enemies. Try to buy as much stuff as you think you can without getting crushed in this scenario. Pick up any summon item you haven't already, and spend the rest on Dragon Scale and Dragon Slayers. Sell some of your old stuff if you don't think you'll ever use it, or if you think it's a good tradeoff. Remember, these items will never appear in a store again.

Onto the actual fight. This scenario is hell. You're in a cave surrounded by meteor-chucking dragons, and your characters are jammed together in a single entrance corridor. If you try to charge forward, you'll find yourself in the center of the map with every dragon hitting you. If you don't, the area-of-effect spells will take their toll on your packed units. Either way, you're in for a world of pain.

First off, any character who takes more than 2 damage from meteor should either be put in back or put under a constant stream of resist spells. Even 2 damage is kinda risky. Second of all, don't try to charge out to meet the dragons. You want to make them come to you, and you also want your characters in range of each other. Compact your forces, use resist on your most vulnerable characters, and heal a lot. A healer with the Masayan Sword can make a killing in this scenario. Put any weak characters behind the main battle line - far behind, so they don't get bashed by any stray meteors.

After the first couple of turns, things should calm down. Dragons don't have a lot of MP, and their spells cost 8 apiece. If you're confident, charge out to take advantage of their shortage - otherwise, just keep back, and methodically kill anything that gets too close. Keep in mind that charging will probably result in you getting hit by more meteors from the dragons that didn't get a chance to reach you before.