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Winning condition: -Defeat all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
                   -Death of Riana
Items: Knife, Small Shield, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott

  Zolm Lord L3 Soldier x3, Pikeman x3

  Imperial General Fighter L2, Barbarian x1, Pikeman x5
( Imperial General Fighter L3 Barbarian x1, Pikeman x5 ) x2

When first wave or Zolm defeated:
        ( Imperial General Fighter L1 Barbarian x2, Pikeman x4 ) x3

NPCs:     Riana Cleric L? Guardsman x4

Despite the huge number of enemies, this scenario is very easy. All soldiers except Zolm's are poorly equipped - as Scott points out, pikes are at a great disadvantage against your swordsmen. Riana's defense and defense bonuses are so high that you don't have to worry about her dying evens if her 'protector' decides to charge headlong into a mass of enemies. Just be careful not to neglect any one character too much. You can make the scenario go faster by using terrain to your advantage and not letting the enemy take the hills, but even when charging uphill your soldier units will still cut them to pieces . I won't say any more about killing the leader after his troops if you can - from now on, that'll just be implicit.

The only real threat here is Zolm. His soldiers are stronger than yours, so use your leaders to attack them. A great sword or two is extremely helpful here. Try to go after him last so that your characters will be more experienced when they fight him. Scott's suggestion to use Hain's attack magic is also good, but make sure he's been weakened by your fighters before you send the soldiers in. Since Zolm's rolling fire strikes first, you want him to have as few hits as possible.

When you finally defeat the last of the bumbling fools attacking you, General Vargas himself shows up. However, a mysterious knight shows up with a unit of phalanx to chase him off, then leaves as quickly as he came. Bewildered but no less resolute, the companions continue on to Estol.