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Winning condition: -Death of necromancer Ginam
Losing conditions: -Death of all civilians
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great Sword, Wand, Chain mail, Robe, Cross
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron

       Ginam Necromancer L7 Mirage Robe, Zombie x6
     ( Imperial General Necromancer L1 Skeleton x6 ) x2
     ( Great Slime L4 Slime x6 ) x2

  Eastern clearing:
       Imperial General Serpent Knight L1 Large Shield, Lizardman x6
       Imperial General Hawk Knight L3 Griffin x6

  Reinforcements, shows up on turn 6 at southeast entrance:
       Imperial General Assassin L1 Devil Axe, Soldier x6

          ( Villager Cleric L2, Civilian x4 ) x3
On turn 6:  Keith Hawk Knight L1, Griffin x6

Lots of new items... this is where it pays off if you've been stockpiling cash from earlier scenarios. Try to buy as many as you can, but don't neglect soldiers either.

Send guardsmen and monks(if you have them) into the graveyard - guardsmen do well against slimes, and monks do well against the undead. Slimes have very high defense and are difficult to kill... on the plus side, they have a hard time killing anything else. Undead have a high attack, so any units except monks will likely end up going 1 for 1 with them. Since you will probably have fewer troops, this is a bad thing. Watch out for thunder from the necromancers - three bursts of it can seriously weaken anything. Keep units near their commanders to hasten the healing process.

The other enemies you have to face in this scenario are pretty straightforward. The lizardman's low defense means that just about any unit can take it on off of water. Do remember that the Serpent Knight is not an ordinary knight, and pikemen will probably just bounce off of it. It's probably best to use horsemen against him.

The hawk knight in this scenario can really wreak havoc among your civilian NPCs. Attack it with archers, and deploy them in a line in front of the civilians to protect them.

At the end of the scenario, the civilians will award you with a runestone if all three survived, and Keith joins your party, bringing news from Kalxath.