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Winning conditions: -Defeat General Imelda, leader of the Ice Dragon
                    -Elwin reaches bottom two rows of map
Losing condition:   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
    Imperial General Serpent Knight L1, Lizardman x4

    Imperial General Serpent Knight L7, Lizardman x4, Dark Elf x2

   Shore guard:
    Imperial General Mage L3, Ballista x6
    Imperial General Bishop L5, Ballista x6
    Imperial General Swordsman L4, Berserker x6

    Imelda General L6, Speed Boots
    Armored Soldier x2, Heavy Horseman x2, Ballista x2

   Dark forces (Reinforcements, arrive on second part of turn 6):
    Larna Dark Princess L1, Vampire Bat x4
    Scylla L10 Leviathan x6
    Wyvern L1 Gargoyle x6

   Scott (shows up turn 8 and rejoins you) Angel x4
   Gains 7-10 levels, depending on length of level up bar.

The enemy starts out in an extremely good position. Luckily, Imelda is too impatient to take full advantage of it. Don't attempt a river crossing with your land forces until you have defeated the 3 Serpent Knights and the reinforcements that show up later. This may involve spending some time doing nothing, but it's better than having to fight tough enemies in the middle of a river where your mobility is seriously restricted, and catapults raining boulders on you from the far shore.

Dark princess shows up in the top center of the map, on the left side of the hill. Be sure that none of your weaker characters are exposed to attack there, or her bats will suck them dry. Hit them with archers, then use one of your fighters to defeat her. She shouldn't be too hard if you have been leveling properly, but if she is you should probably modify this strategy and deploy your characters on the sides, away from where Larna shows up.

Once you do decide to cross, do it on the right side, where there are enough shallows to make a ford of sorts. You may want to send a sea or air unit to take out the artillery on the left side, but that's purely optional. Whenever you're attacking ballistae, have someone cast protection on whoever's doing it. Defeating Imelda is optional as well, but there is no real reason why you shouldn't, since she's about as tough as Vargas. Just keep weak commanders like mages out of range of her catapults, which get the general's large attack bonus. In fact, keeping weak characters out of range of ranged units in general is a good idea.

Scott shows up midway through the scenario in the upper right and joins you once more. He comes with angels, a flier that has less offense than griffins but much more defense. They're also immune to magic - a definite plus. Use them to help you clear the shore.