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Winning condition: -Death of Lester
                   -Changes to Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Chain mail, Robe, Cross, Necklace
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith
   Pirates (ally after turn 3):
       Lester Crocodile Knight L7, Merman x6
     ( Kaikozu Pirate L3, Merman x4 ) x2

   Monsters (show up on turn 3)
       Great Slime L6  Slime x6
       Great Slime L10 Slime x6
       Great Slime L8  Slime x6

     ( Werewolf Werewolf L10 Wolf Man x6 ) x2

     ( Scylla L1 Lizardman x6 ) x2
     ( Scylla L3 Lizardman x6 ) x2
       Scylla L6 Lizardman x6

Plenty of good items, including a new special item, the Necklace. Any one of your characters could benefit from this right now, since it gives good benefits without getting in the way of weapons or armor. Mages will probably end up swapping it for an orb later on, though. How many you buy is entirely up to you.

This scenario really begins in earnest on turn 3. However, if you want to get some experience before that, have your flyers quickly take out the two pirates. Do NOT touch Lester. On turn 3, a horde of monsters shows up, and any surviving pirates will become your allies.

Despite the large number of enemies, this isn't too difficult. Werewolves and slimes are too weak to be a real threat, and lizardmen have terrible defense. Scylla can get deadly, but if you have archers you should be able to handle them. If you don't have archers, just use magic to take their number of attacks down from 10, then gradually whittle them down with troops. Don't charge out to meet the enemy water units. Stay on the shore so that they fight at a disadvantage.

Be sure to leave experience for Lester, since he joins you afterwards. His pirates will not - if they somehow manage to survive they will simply retreat after a certain point.

If for some reason you defeat Lester before the monsters show up, the scenario will end and Lester will escort you to Jessica without you fighting any monsters. Lester will still get the exp bonus as if he had survived the scenario, but you miss out on all the EXP the monsters had to offer.