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Winning condition: -Death of Bernhart
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: All
 Final boss:
    Bernhart Emperor L10 Alhazard, Chain mail
                         Dark Guard x4, Dark elf x2

 Shows up in enemy phase after Bernhart is attacked or all but
 Bernhart defeated:
    Leon Royal Guard L10 Flame Lance, Large Shield, Necklace
                         Royal Horseman x4, Dark Guard x2

        Imperial General Saint L10 War hammer, Chain mail, Cross
                                   Dark Guard x4, Phalanx x2
        Imperial General Saint L10 War hammer, Chain mail, Cross
                                   Phalanx x4, Dark Guard x2
      ( Imperial General Wizard L8 Robe, Orb
                                   Dark Elf x4, Ballista x2 ) x2
    Dark allies:
      ( Demon Lord L10 Archdemon x6 ) x3
        Vampire Lord L10 Archdemon x4, Vampire Bat x2

In some ways, this is easier than the last scenario. You don't have as many mages to deal with, and the two wizards that you do have to fight do not start out as close to your forces anyway. This is a straightforward melee. However, these enemies are the toughest bunch you'll see in the game. This being the last battle, that shouldn't come as a surprise. Unless you really want to, forget about killing troops first. Go for leaders whenever possible.

Put monks in the front, directly in front of the enemy demons. Place dragoons/soldiers on the sides to attack the saints, and put any leftover troops in the center or rear. If you want, make a unit of phalanxes and have them hang back while the rest of your forces fight. Use monks to cut away the archdemons and elementals protecting the demon lords, then use a powerful fast attack leader like the princess or royal guard to kill the demon lord itself. If you can, use powered ballistae to knock the demon lord down to 9 so that if your attack fails the demon doesn't kill your character. Keep those healing spells handy, and try to wait until the end of the turn to use them.

Vampire Lord periodically hits you with meteor, but don't go after him until you've killed everyone except him and Bernhart. You want to have all your characters (except maybe that pike commander) around when you attack him. Also, any hero that kills the vampire lord puts him/herself in striking distance of Bernhart's Dark Guards, so you want to have a healer ready. Unlike the demons, Vampire Lord can be hurt by magic, so feel free to soften him up before you attack. Remember, he's weak against monks.

If you decided to get some phalanxes in this scenario, this is where you'll be thankful. Leon shows up after you first attack Bernhart at the entrance. If you don't have phalanxes, just hit Leon with powered up dragoons and magic - his resistance is high, but he still takes one damage from spells. He has the same unwillingness to attack Larna that he had back in scenario 25.

Bernhart's magic resistance is pretty bad considering he's the last boss. Charm, sleep, and zone all work on him, as do all damaging spells. Zone him, use meteor to pound his throne into the ground, then hit him hard with cavalry.

Enjoy the ending, even though it's untranslated. There are plenty of things to do even after you've beaten it. You could try different character classes. Or you could try to complete the mission objectives you weren't able to do before. Or you could replay just to experience the world and characters of Langrisser all over again.