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Winning condition: -Death of Kramer within 23 turns
Losing conditions: -Run out of time
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith.
      Kramer Highlord L1 Great Sword, Pikeman x4, Soldier x2

      Imperial General Mage L1 Dark Elf x4
      Imperial General Mage L1, Wand, Soldier x4, Dark Elf x2

    Attack wave 1:
      Imperial General Magic Knight L1, Horseman x4
      Imperial General Hawk Knight L1, Griffin x4
      Imperial General Hawk Knight L6, Griffin x4

    Attack wave 2:
      (Same as attack wave 1)

If any commander in the first wave defeated, Kramer sends in the second

    Reinforcements (show up when Kramer has been attacked):
      Vargas General L1 Pikeman x4
      Zolm Lord L5 Soldier x4

      Vargas' movement is limited to 2.

The imperial vanguard outnumbers you, but they will hit you in waves, giving you time to recover in between attacks. Spread your air units out in front and on the flanks as much as possible, since they're the only unit that both horsemen and enemy griffins will shy away from attacking. Put pikemen in directly behind them, since the enemy charges will be led by horsemen. Hopefully, one of your characters can buy elves to take on enemy fliers - if not, just have your own fliers fight within a healer's range to minimize losses.

You will probably lose some pikemen to the fliers while they are fighting with the enemy horsemen. If you run out of them, just use horsemen instead. You'll probably trade one for one in terms of kills, but horsemen don't have much use against Kramer's pikes anyways.

When you approach the end of the bridge, the top mage will attack you. Pull your fliers back, since she has dark elves, and attack with your own ground units.

Once you reach the end, take on Kramer pikes with your own Lord(s). If you want to get the most experience, kill the bottom Mage first. She should fall to anything except pikemen. Even fliers could take her on, since elves don't do so well when they're on the defense. Against Kramer himself, use your knight(s) and follow up with your lord(s) if that wasn't enough to finish him off.

By the time Vargas and Zolm show up, you should already be well on your way to victory, so they should not be a threat. If you would like to kill them anyway, use horsemen to take down Zolm, monks or soldiers against Vargas' pikemen, and horsemen again to attack Vargas himself. Scott does well here because of his large attack bonuses. If you can spare it, have a mage or shaman hang back to provide supporting fire. Sleep is extremely effective. Keep in mind that this part is strictly optional.