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Winning Condition: -Death of Laird, the second in command of the
                    Blue Dragon Knights
Losing Conditions: -Death of all Kalxath defenders
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith

    Laird Silver Knight L1, War hammer, Heavy horseman x4
    Attacks when all imperial knights are defeated, although he will
    defend himself if you come within his command radius.

 ( Imperial General Lord L6 Berserker x4 ) x2

Mountain pass guards:
 ( Imperial General Magic Knight L6, Soldier x4, Horseman x2 ) x2

 ( Imperial General Mage L4, Dark Elf x4 ) x2

   Imperial General Dragon Knight L3 Griffin x4
   Imperial General Knight L10 Horseman x6

NPCs (Castle defenders):
 ( General Fighter L7, Soldier x6 ) x2
   General Lord L1, Soldier x6

Lots of strong enemies... but you should be strong too. First of all, you can forget about attacking as a single group - if you only go up one side of the mountain, the knights on the other side will assist the lords when they see they have nothing to fight in front of them. Second of all, the Blue Dragon Knight blue Dragon Knight (sic) is very strong, and any fliers you send at him will probably get fried before they even get close. If you don't have archers, hit him with horsemen and magic. Third of all, don't even think about charging up the mountain itself, since the mages and archers will cut you to pieces.

With that in mind, split your forces so that they're relatively even, and put your stronger commanders and archers nearer to the center so that they can assist whichever group the dragon knight goes after. If for some reason the dragon attacks the castle, then you should reload and change your move orders so that there is something of yours within the knight's range that he can go after. If you want, after you defeat the dragon knight, you can move everyone except one group of pikes to one side, and use the pikes the keep the knights are the other side busy. If you do this, make sure the pikes have a good leader, (like a shaman) or else the imperial soldiers will destroy them.

However you choose to do it, fight your way steadily. You might want to send your fliers ahead to sweep out the berserkers trying to storm the ramparts of Kalxath castle. As always, remember your unit counters.

When Laird attacks, hopefully whatever he goes after will have pikes nearby. Use them to block him from reaching your vulnerable leaders until you're ready to take him on. If you don't have any pikes left, then... well, you're screwed. Laird is several levels above any of your characters. Use attack and protection on your pikemen when they fight Laird, they'll need every bonus they can get.