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Name Ability Price Allowed Restricted
"A knife for self defense."
AT+1 50 Holy
War Hammer
"A curved war hammer."
AT+2 120 Mages
Great Sword
"A large, heavy sword."
AT+4 300 Mages
Devil Axe
"A great axe infused with a strong enchantment."
AT+8, DF-3 2,500 Mages
Flame Lance
"A magical, flaming lance."
AT+6 8,500 Knights
Dragon Slayer
"A magical sword used by a dragon slayer."
AT+7 10,000 Mages
"A sacred sword containing the power of both..."
AT+4, DF+1
(AT+9, DF+2, A+3, D+1) [after powered up]
0 Elwin
Cherie (Sherry)
Liana (Riana)
Lana (Larna)
Masayan Sword
"A sword with a logo of a horse and star..."
AT-4, DF-3, A-2
Doubles any experience gained through combat or healing
600 all
Iron Dumbbell (Iron Array)
"Made for a beautiful body. If equipped by a summoner..."
AT+1, MV-1 all
Let you summon the mighty Aniki
10 all
"A strong bow made from the wood of a special..."
AT-2, MV-2 all
Gives character ranged 3 attack
250 Scouts
"A powerful crossbow."
AT-4, MV-2 all
Gives character ranged 6 attack.
1,250 Scouts
"A magical cane."
Magic Range +2, Magic Damage +1 150 all
Holy Rod
"The rod which is the key to unlocking the..."
Magic Range +2, Magic Damage +2 4,000 all
Dark Rod
"The rod which is the key to unlocking the..."
Magic Range +2, Magic Damage +2 4,000 all


The Langrisser can only be used by the Descendants of Light. When it is powered up by Liana (Riana) and Lana (Larna) the bonuses are higher (numbers in parentheses).

The Masayan Sword gives you x2 experience bonus but it doesn't effect the end of scenario bonus. Masaya is the company that made Langrisser, and the logo described is indeed their logo. Despite its negatives, this is one of the best items in the game. Favor whoever wields it by feeding them experience, and switch it off between characters in between missions. The cumulative effect is enormous.

The heavy penalties in exchange for the ranged attacks of the Longbow and Arbalest is kind of a let down. In fact, the highmaster and ranger classes in general were a bit of a letdown. You should probably give the swordmaster a Devil Axe then promote so you can have a highmaster with a decent attack rather than go with either of these.


One interesting bug for this is if you give the Masayan Sword to a character whose attack bonus is less than 2, the game will interpret the -1 as a +55. This has no real application unless you're using the secret shop code, since by the time you can get this blade legit your characters will all have well above A+2.