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Primary Controls[edit]

Xbox 360 PC Action
Up lstick W Run Forward
Down lstick S Backpedal
Left lstick A Strafe Left
Right lstick D Strafe Right
A button SPACE Jump
LB button CTRL Crouch
RB button ??? 180-Fast Look - currently cannot re-map if changed (ps3 controller)

Weapons & Gear[edit]

Xbox 360 PC Action
RT button PC Mouse Left Click.png Fire Weapon, or use equipped item.
LT button PC Mouse Right Click.png Melee Attack or give equipped item to another survivor.
Y button PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Switch weapons
B button R Reload
X button E Action
Up dpad F Toggle Flashlight
Left dpad Equip available explosive.
Down dpad Equip available pills or adrenaline.
Right dpad Equip available Medpack, Defibrillator, or Special Ammunition cache.


Xbox 360 PC Action
Y Chat Message
T Use Voice Communication
U Team Message