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At the start of the map, you will see your evacuation helicopter making a sudden retreat. To start you off, you have access to either your basic pistols, or to the set of melee weapons located on the nearby table. Enter the door and head down the stairs.

Hotel rooms[edit]

On the first floor down, open the door and reach the end of the corridor. You may either explore the side rooms for alternate weapons or any other desired items, or head directly to the objective. You can also learn about the spread of the infection in the first room to your right, showing the severity of the situation.

Head forward; when you reach the branch before the elevators, turn left, then right into one of the rooms. Walk along the building ledge and enter the one of the two following rooms. Proceed to the end of the corridor and head down the stairs.

On the lower floor, you will see a door with flames coming out of it. You can open it to release fire into the corridor to kill any zombies. If you can't go through the corridor because of heavy resistance, you can also try the side rooms and their balconies.

Head to the end of the corridor and enter the elevator. Close the doors once everyone is inside.

Ground floor[edit]

After a brief discussion among the survivors, smoke will appear and the elevator will stop at the first floor. Pry open the doors, but you'll quickly run into a raging inferno. The fire will harm the horde, but can be dangerous if there are Jockeys nearby. You can also get your first primary weapon as well.

Make a right turn; you can head into the security office to resupply ammunition and collect the shotgun. Continue down the corridor, and take a right turn into the kitchen. Jump over the counter, and into the inner lobby. Follow the clear path within the fire to the outer lobby, where zombies will be waiting.

Head to the safehouse at the entrance to the hotel.

Respawn points[edit]

There are two respawn points:

  1. On the upper floor, in the room closest to the elevator.
  2. On the lower floor, in the room closest to the elevator.