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Gathering items[edit]

Left portion[edit]

Dragon Slayer IV Meyna map A.png

Before you start traveling to Meyna's area, you'll want to make sure that you have collected Meyna's Wings from Lyll's area and the Hit Rod from Xemn's area. If Xemn or Lyll have not collected the Key Stick, you'll need to have Meyna do that as well. This walkthrough assumes that you need to pick it up. To reach Meyna's area, you have to travel a little bit. From the dragon painting, you'll need to use the Hit Rod to send the block that seals the left side of the room sliding across the floor. Jump out of the way so that it can slide to the left and allow you to climb down the ladder. This is the ladder that Lyll would climb down if she were attempting to buy the Shield. Fall down several floors until you hit the bottom. Then climb down the ladder to the next room below. Walk across the top of the room (except for the dip through the illusion blocks to the Inn) to the right where you will find another ladder. Climb all the way down this ladder and you will reach the start of Meyna's area.

You will need at least 22 keys to collect the Key Stick! (Or only 14 if you plan on using a Crystal after you collect the stick.) If you don't have enough keys, you will probably obtain them from defeated enemies. From the bottom of the ladder, walk left and climb up the next ladder. Push up on the control pad as you walk over the spikes (or simply use the wings), and unlock the first four doors. There are more illusion blocks on the other side, but continue making your way left and unlock the next three doors. Drop to the floor and walk to the left until you see three paths to the next room. Use the platforms to jump up to the highest path.

Dragon Slayer IV Meyna guide A.png

In the next room, you will have to fight your way past the Wizards the fly up to you as you walk to the left. There are six doors that you must unlock until you reach the end (the last two are shown in the image to the right.) At the end of the hallway, there is an illusion block that you can jump up through to the next room. However, before you reach it, there is a Mimic in the way. You will be unable to kill it and remove it until it hurts you. The best way to deal with this so that you take as little damage as possible is to creep towards it until you touch it and then immediately run away. Then fire at it to remove it from your path, and jump up to the room above. There you will find a treasure chest surrounded by blocks.

As Meyna, you must use the Hit Rod to hit the blocks in the order illustrated, and get in their way by jumping so that they get stuck to the right of you. After you move block E to the right, you will be able to jump up and unlock the chest to receive the Dragon Slayer IV item key stick NES.png Key Stick. If you are Xemn, you can move each block to the right in the same order with the Gloves. If you are Lyll, you can just smash the blocks with the Mattock. At this point, you still need at least 8 keys to get out and reach an Inn, or you need to use a Crystal to warp back home.

If you decide to walk back, climb down the ladder, and be aware that the Mimic will return. Deal with it exactly as you did before, and re-unlock the six doors along the top as you return to the right. To proceed on your way, drop back down to the floor of the next room and now take the bottom path. (Optionally, you can take the middle path to reach a treasure chest that contains a Crystal.) Follow the bottom path and unlock two doors until you reach a ladder that leads to the room below.

In this next room, head to the left side of the room and climb down the ladder. If you feel that you need more health and magic, and/or would like to equip the Key Stick, you can follow the bottom of the room all the way to the left to find an Inn. When you are ready to proceed, return to the left side of the room. One of the blocks on the floor not far from the ladder that you descended is an illusion. You can drop through it to the room below.

When you land, start to make your way to the right. This room and the next aren't complicated, they are just full of monsters. At times you make feel like activating your wings just to make it possible for Meyna to walk along some of the higher and more difficult to reach platforms. Remember that while stalagmites on the floor can hurt you, the stalactites on the ceiling are strictly background, and you can move through them harmlessly. Ultimately, your goal is to jump up through the opening in the ceiling of the room to the right.

In the next room (orange blocks with a blue background) you have a choice. You'll need to move to the right side of this room to continue, but if you like, you can go to the left side and collect the Crystal in the treasure chest in the upper left corner of the room. To head to the right, you must first start by moving left and working your way up to the top path which leads back to the right. If you decide to head further left, it may appear that you need to use the Key Stick to open up all of those doors, but in fact you do not have too. The block that is directly beneath the third door from the chest is an illusion, so you can use travel beneath the doors, and use the wings to access it (watch out for the Rock Veest that drops from the ceiling) and use fewer keys or magic. There is also an Inn that you can access in the room below if need be. which can also become a shop by wiping away the sign. This shop provides Magic Bottle for merely 10 gold, and Elixir for 20 gold, making it a good place to stock consumables.

Right portion[edit]

Dragon Slayer IV Meyna map B.png

Dragon Slayer IV Meyna guide B.png

Once you enter the right portion of the dungeon, you will have to jump or float over a bed of spikes to reach a small tunnel that leads to more spikes. However, many of the blocks above the spikes are illusions and you can cut a path through the blocks to the top of the ladder on the right. Climb down and open the chest for some bread if you need it, and then jump over the blue wall and drop down the hole in the floor to the room below.

You will land by a lion, and must head to the left into what may look like a dead-end, but is in fact the start of a path of illusion blocks. There are several ways to make it through these blocks, but the diagram to the right shows the highest path. If you fall down, you can always make it back to beginning. Once you reach the left side of the blocks, you can fall down to the floor below, and begin making the trek to the right side of the room, where you must climb the ladders and jump up through the hole in the ceiling to the room above.

Once you make it here, you will in fact be needing the Key Stick (unless you happen to have a ton of keys that you don't mind using up.) First activate the Wings to climb up to the top path where the doors begin, and unlock the first door so that you have a place to stand on before you switch from the Wings to the Key Stick. Then proceed to unlock all of the doors until you reach the room to the right.

In the right portion of the next room, you need only worry about a few Mayus, as you make your way to the right and fall down to the lower portion of the room and return to the left. Drop down to the room below, and make your way to the right. You will see an Inn along the way, and you may be tempted to visit it at this time, but be aware that there is a hidden Mu enemy that will do a lot of damage to Meyna if she tries to walk across it. If you can, touch it once to awaken it, and shoot it to destroy it before trying to reach the door of the Inn. Further along in the room to the right, you will reach a narrow passage over a bed of spikes. You must activate the Wings in order to travel through this passage. On the other side, you will find a Mimic standing in the same spot as a chest. Walking up to the chest to unlock it will simultaneously get you hurt by the Mimic. Destroy the Mimic and collect the keys from the chest. Then climb up to the top of the room and take the left ladder up.

Unlock the series of doors that lead to the right, and hop up to the top of the room before returning left. If you are low on magic, you may choose to take the top path and unlock more of the doors in order to obtain the Magic Potion in the chest. Then return to the bottom of the wall of bricks on the left. Push to the left to begin finding the illusion blocks. You may need the help of the Wings in order to climb up to the path created by the illusion blocks which leads to the ladder above.

In the next room, you could work your way all the way around the room by heading to the right and climb up the ladder before returning to the left, but it is much faster to switch to the Hit Rod and push the higher of the two blocks to the left. Then, while it is bouncing back and forth, try to jump up so that the block becomes stuck to your right. Now you can pass through the gap to your left and proceed. Climb the tall ladder and look for an illusion block along the left wall. Then activate the Wings and fly left through the pillars until you can access the high entrance to the room to the left. From there, climb up to the next room above.

Dragon Slayer IV Meyna guide C.png

You will find yourself in the bottom right corner of the map above. Climb up and walk to the left until you can find the illusion block to jump through that will allow you to reach the level above. Shortly after that is another illusion block that you can jump through as well. From there, activate the Wings and fly to the left to open the chest which contains the Dragon Slayer IV item armor NES.png Armor. Your next goal is to reach the ladder in the upper right corner. While taking the upper path may seem more convenient, there are invisible monsters that will do a lot of damage to Meyna, so it is safer to take the middle path. Use your Wings to fly over the spikes, and then after the second bed of spikes, push up to find another illusion block that leads to the ladder above.

Climb up the zigzagging tunnel, until you reach the top. Your next goal is to collect the Jump Shoes. To do so, you must plan carefully. Unless your life and magic meters are very full, it is recommended that you visit the Inn. When you are ready, activate the Hit Rod, and push the block at the top before the doors to the left. Wait one row down for the block to bounce back and pass over your head. When it does, push up immediately to trap the block to your right. When it stops moving, activate the Key Stick, and begin unlocking the long row of doors across the top. When you reach the pillars where the doors are absent, you will encounter more invisible Mus. You must touch them to kill them, and one touch will do a lot of damage. This is why you need full health when you attempt this. Do your best to get rid of the monsters while taking as little damage as possible, and then unlock the remaining doors so that you can reach the chest and obtain the Dragon Slayer IV item jump shoes NES.png Jump Shoes. Now you must return to the right, and it's very likely that one or more of the invisible monsters that you previously defeated will have returned by this time, so tread carefully in order to minimize the amount of damage you take. Once you are past the pillars, simply return to the Inn to restore your power.

At this point, if you do not plan to collect the crown right now, you can use a Crystal to warp home. However, you are only a short distance away from the crown, should you decide to proceed.

Meyna's Crown[edit]

From the Inn below the Jump Shoes, you need only walk to the left until you find a patch of illusion blocks and fall down to the spikes below. Then return to the end of the platform on the right. When you drop down, you will need to activate the Wings in order to get through the bed of spikes that line the floor. There are more invisible Mus down in this path, so be careful as you cross. Climb down the ladder at the far end of the room, and continue down to the next room below.

Dragon Slayer IV Meyna guide D.png

Once again, you must make use of the Hit Rod to send the block in front of the doors flying. When it comes to a stop, you will be able to activate your Key Stick and unlock the doors. Fly over the platforms that hover over the spikes, and drop down the pathway and hop up to the right. There is an illusion block directly over the Inn. If you are doing alright in terms of life and magic, you can hold off visiting the Inn until you have unlocked all of the doors which lead to the key. Fall down the middle column after the Inn and break through the illusion blocks on the right which lead to the floor.

There is a Kimu at the bottom who you can't attack until you touch, and like other invisible monsters, can do a lot of damage to Meyna before she can attack it. Proceed to the left, creating a path through the illusion blocks until you reach more doors. Unlock every one of them until you are directly over the ladder that leads to the chest containing the crown. At this point, is a good idea to turn around and return to the Inn. The doors which you have unlocked will remain unlocked as long as you stay in this room, so it is safe to visit the Inn and restore your power before the fight with the crown guardian. After you have stayed at the Inn, return directly to the chest and open it to find the Dragon Slayer IV item crown NES.png Crown. The boss that you fight will be determined by the order in which you collect the Crowns. See the bosses page for more information.