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Collecting the Dragon Slayer[edit]

With all four crowns collected, it's time for Roas to take charge and collect the only weapon capable of defeating the Dragon King. In order to do this, he'll need to make use of the magical property of the crowns, something only he can do. Throughout parts of the dungeon, you may have noticed portraits of a young princess, known as Princess Celina. When Roas wears a crown and pushes up in front of these portraits, he is warped to another location in the dungeon. Not every portrait will take him to a place he wants to go. In order to find the set of portraits that will help him, he will need to venture into Lyll's portion of the dungeon.

To get started, select Roas, and equip him with a Crown, the Jump Shoes which he will need to navigate through Lyll's area, and one other item. The Powered Boots are highly recommended, just to cut down on the amount of fighting you'll have to do. From the house, enter the dungeon, and climb all the way down the ladder. Use the Jump Shoes to jump up to the gap that leads to the ladder on the right which you will climb all the way down to the bottom. Continue to the right, all the way until you are falling down to the area of the dungeon where the dragon painting can be found. From there, head right, and jump up to the ladder in the upper right corner that leads to Lyll's section.

Dragon Slayer IV Roas guide A.png
Dragon Slayer IV Roas painting1.png

From the entrance to Lyll's portion of the dungeon, you will climb up to the top, and proceed along the very top path, much like you had Lyll do when she first entered this area. There is only one point where you must activate the Jump Shoes, and that is when you drop down and walk beneath the column near the left side of the room. After you jump up to the platform on the opposite side, continue to the right until you reach the next room. Run straight ahead through the monsters until you are standing below a portrait. Activate the crown and push up, and you will be whisked away to the platform just above the Dragon Slayer. So close, and yet so far.

Dragon Slayer IV Roas guide B.png
Dragon Slayer IV Roas painting2.png

To continue, you must proceed to fall down the right side of the platform that you arrived on, and continue to drop several levels until you reach the room which contains the volcano in the background. Once you reach this level, you will have a particular challenge. Your challenge is to scale the wall to the left and reach the portrait beyond the wall. However, even with the Jump Shoes, you will find this task impossible without the "aid" of a monster. Although you are sure to take damage when you touch one, you must use it to jump off its back and up and over the wall to reach the portrait. If you find that no monsters are nearby to provide you with assistance, you can drop down the hole in the ground and come back up to reset the position of the monsters. Eventually, one of the monsters will fall down to the left and make it possible for you to jump off of them. Once you reach the top of the wall, fall down to the left and push up in front of the next portrait.

Dragon Slayer IV Roas painting3.png

You will be given a bit of a reprieve for the next portrait, as it can be found a very short distance from where you arrive. Not only that, but you are trapped in there by two blocks with virtually no choice but to walk to the left, stand beneath the portrait, and push up. Just watch out for the monsters that are trapped in there with you. When you begin to warp, it is important that you press and hold Left dpad before you arrive at the next location.

Dragon Slayer IV Roas painting4.png

The portrait that you just warped from will deposit you in the air, just to the right of the block you are meant to land on. This means if you do not hold down left on the control pad, you will simply fall to the room below, and be forced to retrace your steps until you return to this location. If you held left down as you teleported, you will safely land on the block. From there, you must simply bounce over the gaps to the platform on the left where you will find another portrait. Push up in front of this portrait to be transported to…

Dragon Slayer IV Roas painting5.png

…the chamber of the Dragon Slayer IV item dragon slayer NES.png Dragon Slayer. There is no trick here. Simply pick it up, and it's yours. At this point, you have no alternative to escape other than to jump up and push up in front of the portrait, unless you happen to have a Crystal in your active inventory. Assuming you do not, this portrait will warp you into the heart of Pochi's area. For a quick getaway, you can walk to the left until you reach the Inn, stay inside and swap one of your pieces of equipment for a Crystal, and warp home. If you don't have one available, you will need to escape the manual way, by climbing out of Pochi's area and back out of the dungeon. You must survive for your collection of the Dragon Slayer to count. If you die on your way back, you will be forced to repeat the process.

Bring the painting to life[edit]

To engage in the final battle, have Roas activate the Dragon Slayer in his inventory and go to the location where the dragon painting is visible. In order to bring the dragon to life, all you must do is walk to the left so that the dragon is visible on the far right of the screen. When the dragon reaches the correct spot, the rest of the screen will go dark, and you will be pit in a battle to the death with the ferocious Dragon King. For more information on how to do battle with the last enemy in the game, please see the bosses section of this guide. If you defeat him, you will win the game and get to watch the ending and the credits. Congratulations.