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Prevent fall damage[edit]

To prevent taking damage from falling, press Start button to bring up the inventory screen shortly before landing. Then press Start button again to return to the game, and your character will fall to the ground as if he or she had just started falling.

Incidentally, if you hit the ground after you fall, and press Start button, or happen to enter an Inn or Shop that resides right where you landed, you will appear at the bottom of the screen in your falling animation.

Jump to high places[edit]

You can jump to places much higher than a character would normally be able to reach. Jump once by pressing A button, and at the peak of your jump press Start button to pause the game. Make sure you're NOT holding A button anymore, and unpause the game by pressing Start button. Allow your character to fall a small amount (the character must fall by at least a pixel in order for this to work) and then press Start button to pause the game again. Now press Start button to unpause again, and immediately afterwards (while the inventory screen is still fading out) begin holding A button. Your character will jump from mid-air instead of falling. You can repeat this process ad infinitum to reach great heights.

Sound Test[edit]

Dragon Slayer IV music test.jpg

To activate a sound test, enter the following code on the title screen. On the second player controller press and hold Up dpad + Right dpad + A button + B button. While holding those buttons down, pick up the first player controller and press Down dpad + Left dpad + Select button. With all of those buttons held down, press Start button on the first player controller. If done properly, you will hear a tone that indicates that the code was successful.

Now point to the picture of the family ancestor on the wall, and press the A button button to hear different music. It will cycle through each of the songs played in the game.

Full Items[edit]

Dragon Slayer IV item cheat.jpg

To activate a code that provides you with 16 of every item (with the exception of Crowns and the Dragon Slayer, you must first enter the sound test code described above. Once that code is entered, continue with the following steps.

  1. Select Roas, and exit the house. Walk over to the shop to the left of the house, climb up the ladder, and enter the shop. Select the Crystal, and attempt to purchase it, despite not having enough money. However, if you exit the shop, and check your inventory, you will find that you now have Armor.
  2. Return to the house, and select Roas once again. On the inventory screen, select the Armor. Once outside, activate the Armor, and allow your magic to drain. You can speed up the process by firing your weapon. When you have exhausted your magic, you will hear another tone. Return inside the house.
  3. Now you must place the pointing cursor on the picture of your ancestor. While keeping the cursor there, you must press and hold Left dpad + B button on controller two, and Right dpad on controller one. Since the cursor can be moved with either controller, you must press left or right until the cursor is on the picture, and then press both directions with both controllers to hold the cursor in place. When the cursor is resting on the eye of the portrait, press A button on the first controller. If done correctly, you will hear another tone.

If you examine your inventory screen, you will have 16 of every item except the Crowns and Dragon Slayer. Additionally, you will have many extra lives. If you die, you will be automatically revived as if you had the Elixir activated in your equipment. You will have 110 keys and 110 Gold. If you collect any other instances of an item, you won't earn any more.