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Magic Information[edit]

  • Obtaining Magic

Magic in Legend of Legaia is a little different than other games. In Legaia you learn magic attacks by absorbing beasts with an element symbol next to their name. In order to absorb these beasts you have to attack and kill them physically. Each Seru that can be absorbed has a certain percent chance of being absorbed. The only way to increase that chance is by equipping the Ivory Book accessory. The only time absorbing will not work is if you kill them with Seru Magic.

  • Leveling Magic up

There's only one way to level your magic up, and that is by using it. You must use the spell a certain number of times to level it up. The max level on all spells is level 9 so they tend to go by pretty fast. The only problem you will have is dealing with the limited mp you have. Usually you can only summon the spell about 4 times until your MP bar is completely drained so you really have to conserve your magic use during most quests making it harder to level up the spell and having it cause worthy damage. The only way around this is by spending more time by places that have HP/MP restore/rest areas. Then you can go into every battle only using magic which will level up the spells to their max real quickly and levels up your character in the process.

  • Added Effects

At certain levels the majority of the spells will have some other effect on whom the spell is being used on. Most of these effects will be some sort of status drop by 5%-20% depending on how high the level is. Healing spells will start to cure status ailments along with HP. The more they level up, the more ailments they will be able to cure.

Magic List[edit]

Creature Name Element Target MP Cost Added Effect To Lvl.2 To Lvl.3 To Lvl.4 To Lvl.5 To Lvl.6 To Lvl.7 To Lvl.8 To Lvl.9
Gimard Burning Attack Fire 1 Enemy 10MP Lowers Attack% 2 3 -5% ATK 3 5 -10% ATK 5 7 -15% ATK 8 12 -20% ATK
Vera Mystic Care Light 1 Ally 6MP Added Status Cure 5 5 +Cure Venom 11 13 +Cure Rot 16 20 +Cure Rot/Numb/Venom 27 35 Restore some status and AP
Theeder Turning Laser Lightning All Enemy in Range 24MP Lowers Intelligence% 2 3 -5% INT 3 5 -10% INT 5 7 -15% INT 8 12 -20% INT