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First Day[edit]


  • Magic Leaf x1
  • Healing Leaf x1


The game starts off with the main character, Vahn, walking from his house to the Genesis Tree in the center of Rim Elm. After the game intro the village elder comes over to talk to Vahn about how tomorrow Vahn finally will become an adult and go out on the village hunt. After the convo exit to the bottom of the screen to go to town. When you come close to the first house at the bottom left of the village Vahn will freeze and Mei (Vahns' girlfriend kinda) will come out of her house to talk to Vahn about the hunting clothes she is making for him. At the end of the convo she says she needs to measure him one more time and will be waiting at his house (bottom right of village).

Before going to Vahns' house you explore and visit the other houses in the village to collect items and find out useful story info. Also you can learn the Somersault Hyper Art from Tetsu on the shoreline to the south. The first house above Meis' house doesn't have any items, but you can talk to the family and find out the father was badly injured during a hunt by the mist coming early. Continue to the right of town and you will see a cave with a save point inside. The house below the cave is the item shop, but they currently are not selling items. Also there is a needed item, the Point Card, in the drawer upstairs next to the top bed that's against the left wall, but the dresser is currently locked. Remember this though because you want to get it before you make any purchases. After the item shop go up the hill to the right to get to the Village Elders house. Inside in the first room there's no items, but there is an old man that will tell you info about the Suru, the Mist, and the Wall surrounding Rim Elm. In the room to the left of the house you can get a magic leaf from the dresser in the upper left of the room.

Once your done exporing the houses you want to have Vahn head to the beach below the village. By the stairs on the left you can find a Biron Monk named Tetsu. Tetsu will tell Vahn about the Biron (god of strength and love) and about the Biron Monks that train at a temple to the north of Rim Elm. Tetsu explains how these Biron Warrior-Monks renounce using Suru and train night and day on their fighting skills. You find that Tetsu and other monks travel the world to spread the teachings of Biron and that he was trapped at Rim Elm because of the Mist. Tetsu now feels its his destiny to teach fighting skills, so ask to practice with him and he will show you the basic battle controls and a nice Hyper Art.

After training with Tetsu Vahn can talk to other people over town to hear more about the hunt, Vahns' father (Val), the mist and your sweetie pie Mei, or just have Vahn head to his house so he can get measured up for his hunting clothes. As Vahn enters it goes to a cut scene with Val, Nene (Vahns sister) and Mei talking about Vahns tardiness. Nene then asks Mei if she is in love with Vahn. Mei just turns red and Vahn enters the room to get yelled at for being late. Mei will then measure Vahn and leave to wait for her father (Juno) to return from todays hunt. After the scene Vahn's father is to busy to talk and Nene will scold you for not thanking Mei, but at least one good things here and that's the healing leaf in the cupboard by the bed.

When Vahn leaves his house the village hunters will return from their hunt. Another scene will play where you find out Juno (Mei's father) was killed by Seru monsters because the mist came earlier than normal. Then there's a short scene with Vahn's family and the Village Elder leaving Mei's house. Inside Mei's house a old lady will come up to Vahn and nicely ask him to leave. Tell her to look after Mei and leave the house cause the cupboard's empty. After leaving Mei's house you can roam Rim Elm and hear what the villagers have to say about Juno's death, the mist and other hunters that have died in the past. When your done exploring head to Vahn's house to get some rest. You can talk to Nene about Mei and Juno but you want to talk to Val who will ask you if you would like to get some rest. Say yes to put an end to this day.

That Night[edit]


  • Healing Leaves x3



During Vahn's rest a loud banging is heard on the front gate of the village. Vahn is awoken by Val and Nene who ask Vahn is he would be able to go and check out what that noise is. Vahn goes no matter if he agrees or not so exit Vahn's house and head to the main gate at the top of the town. Many of the villagers are gathered around the main entrance also to see what the noise is. Once Vahn talks to the Village Elder a short scene will start where a something named Zeto magically appears. Zeto tells the village that he will bring everyone the salvation of the mist. Then outside the wall a giant creature blast a hole into the wall letting the mist and Seru into Rim Elm.

Zeto orders the Seru to attack the villagers and to destroy the tree. As the Seru come in one lady is knocked down and attacked by a Gimard, but Vahn runs to help her and start off your first battle. After the battle the first place you want to head to is Mei's house. You want Vahn to be honest with her so when she asks what happened tell her that the mist is here, and when she asks what they should do select go to Vahn's house. Doing this will get Vahn Mei's Pendent tomorrow when she gives him the hunting clothes she's been making him.

Exp./G Tip
There's one beast called Green Slime that can duplicate into two Green Slimes. Start off just using spirit until he duplicates, then you can kill one of them, then use spirit till that one duplicates. Do this over and over till you need to rest. Killing one gives you 32 exp and 9g, so if you let them duplicate several times you will recieve 32 exp and 9g for each one killed. Killing 5 will give Vahn 160exp and 45g.

Mei and Vahn run to Vahn's house so you don't have to worry about any battles between the two houses. Val praises Vahn for bringing Mei over so she wasn't home alone and then says how he wishes there was someplace safe for everyone to go. Talk to Nene and she will give you medicine to heal your HP/MP and then head out of the house to start looking for someplace safe.

First go to the Item store and talk to the lady as soon as you enter. She'll ask Vahn where he's going and if you respond "someplace safe" she will say how brave you are and give you 3 healing leafs. There's nothing else you can do item wise tonight, but this would be a good time to look at Vahn's Hyper Arts list to learn more chain attacks, level up (at the least level 3) and also to try to get as much money as you can save so when the item shop does finally open up you cant get some nice things. Tomorrow the item shop will have a cure amulet for sale for 800g.

When your done fighting head to the Genesis Tree. When you get there the lady standing by the tree tells Vahn how she came here to escape from the Seru. She points out that there's no mist there and the Seru are staying away from it so is makes a nice "someplace safe." She also says how the tree is warm and that Vahn should go touch it to see. When he walk over to the tree and put his hand on it a voice appears in Vahn's head asking if he is Vahn. Now Vahn finally meets Meta, a Ra-Seru from the Genesis Tree that has been waiting for someone like Vahn. Meta asks if Vahn would like to save his people. Say yes and yes again to working with Meta. Vahn will put out his right hand and the Ra-Seru will connect onto his arm.

Meta informs Vahn that the Genesis Tree is dying and that they need to assemble everyone around the tree to pray and give the tree the power it needs to live. Vahn has to return to his house and talk to Val to assemble all the villagers, but before you head there make sure you absorb a Gimard for your first magic spell. To absorb one the last attack on your chain must be an attack with the RaSeru command (right attack for Vahn). Once you have one you can summon the Gimard to attack for 10mp. Head to Vahn's house and talk to Val. Vahn will tell him about the Ra-Seru and the Genesis Tree dying.

After talking to Val the story will skip to the villagers around the Genesis Tree. The Village Elder gets everyone to start praying and tells Vahn to touch the tree. Have Vahn go put his hand on the tree and you will start to see everyone turning green one by one from their prayers. All the prayers go to Vahn and then to the tree causing it to instantly grow and push the mist away from Rim Elm. Meta speaks to Vahn about helping other Genesis Trees because the mist is still everywhere else in the world. After saving the village Vahn passes out under the tree.

Next Morning[edit]


  • Mei's Pendent
  • Point Card


The day starts off with Juno's funeral and his casket being sent out to sea to Ferti, the god of the sea. Mei will run after her fathers casket and then a boy asking his mom about Juno coming back with food from Nauro. Then after the funeral Vahn is back at the Genesis Tree with the Village Elder. The Village Elder tells Vahn about how Mei's mother might still be alive out in the mist. If you agree to help look for her he will tell you more about her mother Maya and how she was at Biron Monastery when the mist came ten years ago.

Survival Knife180g
Warrior Seal240g
Warrior Boots420g
Cure Amulet800g
Healing Leaf100g

When you regain control of Vahn head straight for the town entrance (don't go to the item shop yet). When you get there Mei will stop you and bring you the hunting clothes she made for you, and also Mei's Pendent if you brought her to your house the night before. After Mei runs off cause "she's not good at saying goodbyes," leave Rim Elm to get to the world map. Then come right back into Rim Elm. Head to the item store, BUT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING just yet. First go up the stairs to the right and go to the bedroom to the left. The dresser is finally unlocked and inside is a Point Card. Now every item you buy will earn you points on the card which can be used to deal damage in battle (save it thou for boss fights much later in the game). Now that you have the Point Card you can go shopping and start getting points. Buy the Cure Amulet and the Warrior Boots if you could and head out of town.