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Drake Kingdom[edit]

Rim Elm[edit]

Rim Elm is a small village with a large stone wall surrounding it. Its walls contain a handful of huts with a Genesis Tree in its center. It is located in Drake Kingdom near the shore and is the southernmost location in the kingdom. It is the birthplace of the game's main character, Vahn.

Hunter's Spring[edit]

Hunter's Spring is located in Drake Kingdom, near Rim Elm along the road to Drake Castle. The location is home to several in-game tutorials, and the heroes can stop for a drink here to rejuvenate themselves.

Drake Castle[edit]

Drake Castle is located in Drake Kingdom near a sluice gate which Vahn must close in order to reach Biron Monastery. When Vahn first enters the castle, it is filled with Mist and monsters, including Gimard Seru monsters. To get through the castle, Vahn must find several keys and use them to unlock doors until he reaches the other side of the castle, where a trail leads to Mt. Rikuroa. After the Mt. Rikuroa Genesis Tree is revived, Vahn returns with Noa, and is given the key with which to close the sluice gate, blocking the flow of the nearby river so the heroes can cross. Drake Castle is the heart of Drake Kingdom, and it is where the King (currently Drake III) resides. The castle was overrun by the Mist after Zeto constructed a Mist Generator in the Valley of Mist to the northeast. To stop his people from harming anyone while they were Seru monsters, Drake had all of his people put on Seru, and lock themselves behind cages throughout his castle. When the Mist came, the people submitted to Seru madness. After 10 years, Vahn and Noa arrived and revived the Genesis Tree at Mt. Rikuroa, which drove the Mist in Drake Castle away. Drake Castle was restored to normal once more.

Mt. Rikuroa[edit]

Mt. Rikuroa is located in the northwest of Drake Kingdom, and is the site of a Genesis Tree and is where Vahn and Noa first meet. Following an earthquake, Noa emerges from an underground cavern with Terra, a Ra-Seru bound to a she-wolf, and the two begin to climb Mt. Rikuroa in an effort to revive the Genesis Tree at the top of the mountain. The two reach the summit, but Zeto appears and unleashes the monster Caruban upon them. Terra is wounded, but Vahn arrives and, together with Noa, he defeats Caruban. The Genesis Tree is revived, and its power allows Terra to transfer itself from the wolf to Noa.

Biron Monastery[edit]

Biron Monastery is located in Drake Kingdom, north of Rim Elm and east of Drake Castle. It is home to the Biron Warrior Monks, including Gala and Songi. These monks study martial arts, and have a strict policy against the wearing of Seru. Mei's mother also resides there. The monastery is protected against the mist by three passages containing rooms with large fans. Each of these rooms has one door that leads into the monastery and one door that leads outside, and they function like airlocks.

West Voz Forest[edit]

West Voz Forest is northwest of Biron Monastery and across the river from East Voz Forest. It was originally the site of a Genesis Tree, but the tree was weakened by the poison of the Mist and died before Vahn, Noa and Gala could revive it. The mist was, however, driven from the forest when the trio of heroes instead revived the East Voz Forest Genesis Tree, close enough so that its effects covered both forests.

East Voz Forest[edit]

East Voz Forest is directly across a river from West Voz Forest, and north of Biron Monastery. It is the site of a Genesis Tree. Following the unsuccessful attempt to awaken the Genesis Tree in West Voz Forest, Vahn, Noa, and Gala ventured into the forest in an attempt to revive its Genesis Tree.

Zeto's Dungeon[edit]

Zeto's Dungeon is the first of the four Mist Generator fortresses. The Mist Generator inside is the source of the mist enshrouding Drake Kingdom. A battle between Gala and Songi takes place in its lower levels, and Zeto himself guards the Mist Generator against the heroes.

Ancient Wind Cave[edit]

Ancient Wind Cave is located in Drake Kingdom north of Biron Monastery. Inside the cave, an old wizard has set up a shop, and only by talking to him can the heroes unlock a door which connects the Ancient Wind Cave to the Ancient Water Cave, which is in the Sebucus Islands.

Sebucus Islands[edit]

Ancient Water Cave[edit]

Ancient Water Cave is located in the far south of the Sebucus Islands, and is connected to the Ancient Wind Cave in Drake Kingdom. In this cave, an old woman runs an inn and takes care of some children. The heroes passed through this cave on their way to the town of Jeremi in the Sebucus Islands.


Jeremi is the southernmost town in the Sebucus Islands, and is home to a Genesis Tree, located at the top of a large tower. When Vahn, Noa and Gala arrive in town, the town is covered in Mist, but the heroes' Ra-Seru indicate the presence of a Genesis Tree in the town itself, so they enter the tower and ascend to its top. Before they can revive the Genesis Tree, they must defeat the Berserker, which has attached itself to the tree. When the tree is revived, the town returns to normal, and the heroes receive a greater welcome than they had hoped for.


Vidna is located in the Sebucus Islands, almost straight west of Octam, and is home to a series of hot springs. The hot springs are used to power a series of windmills, which keep the town mist-free, but when Xain freezes the lava in the Fire Path, the hot springs cool and the windmills stop working, exposing the town to the mist.


Octam is located in the center of the Sebucus Islands, and is considered the capital of that region. The town consists of above ground and underground portions. The above ground area is exposed to the Mist and deserted at the time when the heroes arrive to search for Hari, but the ruins in the center of the city contain the secret of the Octam Underground, including how to access it. These ruins are the site of Vahn, Noa, and Gala first encounter with the thief, Cara. Later, the heroes enter Underground Octam through a tunnel system, and learn that it is plagued with earthquakes. They successfully consult the prophet Hari, but as they leave his house, another earthquake destroys it. The heroes then descend into the Fire Path to find the source of the earthquakes.

The Fire Path[edit]

The Fire Path is directly underneath the town of Octam, and contains the bases of the massive stone pillars which hold up the underground portion of the city. It can be accessed through a tunnel originating from the western side of the Octam underground. The lower portion of the Fire Path contains lava, and it is here that the Seru Xain is attacking the pillars holding up the underground part of the city, thus causing the earthquakes that have been wreaking havoc on the town. After Xain is defeated by the heroes, he freezes the lava, causing the windmills in Vidna to stop working, and exposing that town to the mist.


Ratayu is located in the north of the Sebucus Islands, at the base of Mt. Letona. The town is ruled by Lord Saryu, who has become possessed by a Sim-Seru, given to him as a gift by Dohati. When the Ra-Seru heroes arrive in town, it is covered in mist as the Mt. Letona Genesis Tree has yet to be revived. The heroes negotiate with Saryu, and a deal is reached: Saryu will give them the key to the town's east gate, allowing them to reach the Genesis Tree atop Mt. Letona. Once the town has been purged from the mist, he is to give them the key to the west gate, which will allow them to reach Dohati's Castle. Saryu mentions something about brides, but Vahn, Noa and Gala have no idea what he is talking about. Only after the heroes revive the Mt. Letona Genesis Tree does it become apparent what Saryu is really up to: he is feeding the town's women to the Juggernaut. By using Noa as a decoy, the Ra-Seru heroes are able to infiltrate the basement of Lord Saryu's Palace and after defeating Lord Saryu in the form of a monster, they break the Sim-Seru's hold on him, and he shuts down the machine he is using.

Mt. Letona[edit]

Mt. Letona is situated just northeast of the town of Ratayu, and is the location of a Genesis Tree. After negotiating a deal with Lord Saryu, the Ra-Seru heroes are granted access to the mountain in order to revive its Genesis Tree. They reach the top of the mountain, but a force-field positioned by Songi prevents them from reviving the tree. As they turn to leave, Songi comes up the mountain behind them, and a fight ensues. Songi is defeated, and coerced into deactivating the force-field. The heroes then revive the Genesis Tree, unaware that by doing so, they are playing right into the treacherous Lord Saryu's hand...

Lord Saryu's Palace[edit]

Lord Saryu's Palace is located just north of the town of Ratayu and is the home of that town's ruler, Lord Saryu. In the basement lies the giant machine that spawns Juggernaut Sim-Seru monsters. The machine was only successfully used once. Production of a second Juggernaut was started, but the Mist made continuation impossible, since it robbed Lord Saryu of his source of Seru Brides. However, the Juggernaut that was in creation continued to survive in its uncompleted form.

Dohati's Castle[edit]

Dohati's Castle is the second of the four Mist Generator Fortresses. It has three large towers connected by catwalks, and at the top of the middle tower resides the Mist Generator responsible for producing the Mist covering the Sebucus Islands. Dohati himself guards the Mist Generator, and the Ra-Seru heroes must defeat him if they are to shut down the horrible device.


Karisto Train Station[edit]

Karisto Train Station is the terminus of a rail line for flying Seru trains, which originates in Octam. Vahn, Noa, and Gala attempt to take the train to Karisto following their victory over Dohati. The flying Seru can only make it halfway there however, because of the thick Mist enshrouding Karisto. The operators devise a solution, where they will uncouple the passenger car after giving it a huge push, reasoning that the train will reach Karisto since it is all downhill from there. However, they forget that the without the flying Seru the train also has no brakes. It crashes upon arrival at the station, and although the Ra-Seru heroes are unhurt, the train station is badly damaged. There is also a shop called The Honest Persons Store There are items here of good value and you can decide whether or not to leave money, but, if you do leave money and take the items then when you return after progressing through the game you will find a Vitality Ring there.


Sol is the most technologically advanced city in Legaia, and is located in southern Karisto, northeast of the Karisto Train Station. Sol is ruled by an Emperor, but their Emperor was lost to the mist (though Vahn, Noa, and Gala save him). Sol had been at war with a rival kingdom called Conkram for many years, and this is one reason for the creation of the Mist, as the Mist was intended to make Conkram's soldiers more powerful. The city itself takes the form of a huge tower, and is so tall that the Mist is not present on its upper levels. The city is home to several special clubs, the most important of which is the Muscle Dome, where Vahn can enter a tournament to win extra money. A Biron Monastery is located on the seventh floor of the city, and the Monks there have a Genesis Seedling from Sol's now dead Genesis Tree.

Warrior's Square[edit]

Warrior's Square is located in the basement of the Sol tower, and was once the site of a Genesis Tree. That Genesis Tree died, but produced a seedling which was taken to the Biron Monastery at the top of the tower. The Ra-Seru heroes were tasked with returning the seedling to Warrior's Square and planting it. In order to enter Warrior's Square however, the heroes had to buy eight loaves of expensive Soru bread and place them in eight treasure chests located throughout the lower levels of the city. Once they reached the plaza, they had to solve a puzzle involving energy beams and switches in order to reach the center of the plaza. They were about to plant the tree when Songi appeared with a surprise: the Sol Warrior Gaza, whom they had previously defeated but who had been saved by Songi, now equipped with a Sim-Seru. As Songi left, Gaza attacked the heroes, but suffered his second defeat and was again fatally wounded. The Ra-Seru heroes planted the Genesis Seedling, and revived it into a fully mature Genesis Tree, transferring Gaza's essence into it. This cleared the mist from the lower floors of Sol.


Buma is the hometown of Cara and Grantes, located north and somewhat east of Sol and has three Genesis Trees at its center. Mist is not this town's only problem, however. The Seru monster Koru has absorbed a great deal of thermal energy in nearby Nivora Ravine, and as a result, the town is covered in ice. This renders the Ra-Seru heroes' initial efforts to revive the Genesis Trees ineffective, and they are forced to look for a way to defrost the town. At the Usha Research Facility, they learn about Koru and with their help, Dr. Usha is able to make time space bombs for them, which will enable them to destroy Koru without causing a massive thermal explosion. They take the time-space bombs to Nivora Ravine where they successfully destroy Koru as well as the Delilas Siblings. Buma is defrosted as a result, and upon the Ra-Seru heroes' return, they are able to revive all three Genesis Trees, purging the Mist from the town. Cara appears and thanks them, giving them a piece of sheet music which she asks them to convey to Grantes.

Usha Research Facility[edit]

Usha Research Facility is located west of Buma and east of Uru Mais. It is several floors off the ground, and an elevator is used to reach the facility. Dr. Usha and his wife run the facility. When the Ra-Seru heroes arrive, Usha explains why Buma is so cold: Koru is absorbing thermal energy in Nivora Ravine. He sends Vahn, Noa, and Gala to Uru Mais to retrieve a Fire Droplet so that he can turn it into time-space bombs, the only weapon powerful enough to kill Koru.

Uru Mais[edit]

Uru Mais is located well to the west and somewhat north of Buma. Vahn, Noa, and Gala are sent here by Dr. Usha to retrieve a fire droplet. Before they can do this, each of the Ra-Seru heroes must enter a dream state in which they see events from their respective pasts. Vahn sees an accident involving his father that he caused by running away from Rim Elm, Noa sees into her infancy, glimpsing her long lost parents King Nebular and Queen Minea. Gala sees an incident where Songi defeated him by cheating. The heroes then encounter Tieg atop the ruins, and he gives them the Fire Droplet. As they leave, the Juggernaut arrives and reduces Uru Mais to ruins. Later, the Juggernaut engulfs all of Rim Elm, and Songi invades Seru-Kai. The heroes travel to Uru Mais on the advice of their Ra-Seru, and discover a portal to Noaru Valley in Seru-Kai, which they use to follow Songi.

Nivora Ravine[edit]

Nivora Ravine is located just northeast of Buma, and the site of a fierce battle involving the Ra-Seru heroes. Zora, in an attempt to prevent the Genesis Trees in Buma from being revived, orders that Koru be placed in Nivora Ravine. The giant Seru monster absorbs a massive amount of heat energy, causing nearby Buma to freeze. The ice prevents the Ra-Seru heroes from reviving the Genesis Trees and they are forced to find a way to deal with Koru. Armed with time-space bombs by Dr. Usha, they enter Nivora Ravine, but are forced to split up to position time space bombs in three different points surrounding Koru. The three heroes emerge into Koru's chamber from three different directions, and are immediately attacked by the Delilas Siblings, Zora's three henchmen. Once they are all defeated, the three Delilas siblings fall into the pit with Koru, and the Ra-Seru heroes detonate their time space bombs. However, Koru manages to survive and the Delilas siblings merge with him. They try to cause Koru to self-destruct, which would destroy half of Karisto, but the Ra-Seru heroes jump down into the pit as well, and finish Koru off just in time.

Mt. Dhini[edit]

Mt. Dhini is located northwest of Buma, and is off-limits to all but the Soren. Vahn, Noa, and Gala enter the mountain despite the ban, in an attempt to locate the Soren. At the summit, Vahn plays the Soren Flute, and several Soren appear. After a tense negotiation with the Ra-Seru heroes, the leader of the Soren decides to convey the heroes back to the Soren Camp. The heroes are carried there by the winged Soren, since the camp is on an isolated island just west of Karisto.

Returning to the Mt. Dhini summit later in the game will allow you to challenge a hidden boss.

The Soren Camp[edit]

The Soren Camp is on an island just west of Karisto, and is home to the Soren. The Ra-Seru heroes are brought to the island after using Grantes' Soren Flute atop Mt. Dhini. The Soren's Elder decides to grant their aid to the Ra-Seru heroes, believing that by working together, they can shut down the Mist Generator in Zora's Floating Castle. Afte giving them a chance to heal and shop for equipment, the winged Soren carry the three heroes to the Floating Castle. The castle turns out to be a trap: not only is not the real Mist Generator for Karisto, but deactivating it causes the castle to plummet from the sky. The Ra-Seru heroes manage to escape with the help of the Soren, and scouts are sent to locate the real Mist Generator. The Soren successfully locate Jette's Absolute Fortress, and convey the Ra-Seru heroes to the town of Conkram, which is near the fortress.

Zora's Floating Castle[edit]

Zora's Floating Castle is the third of the four Mist Generator Fortresses. It hovers in the skies above Karisto, and is much unlike the other fortresses. The Mist Generator here is not actually responsible for creating the mist above Karisto, as the entire castle is but a decoy for Jette's Absolute Fortress, the real Mist Generator for Karisto. Zora, however, is herself unaware of this. When Zora learns of the arrival of the Ra-Seru heroes in Karisto, she dispatches the Delilas Siblings to deal with them, and Songi is present in the castle when this is done. The heroes are conveyed to the castle by the Soren, who have lost many warriors in attacks against the castle. Zora herself guards the Mist Generator. Following the battle, Songi destroys the Mist Generator himself, and by doing so renders the castle unable to fly. The heroes are forced to flee the castle in a hurry as it plummets from the sky and falls into a river.


Conkram is the hometown of Noa's family. It is located in northern Karisto, south of Jette's Absolute Fortress. Conkram and Sol fought a long war, which suddenly came to a halt with the appearance of the Mist. King Nebular and Queen Minea sent their infant daughter Noa away with the Soren to protect her from the dangers of the Mist. The mist covered the entire town, which was then engulfed by a large Sim-Seru. When Noa returned to her hometown years later, accompanied by Vahn and Gala, she discovered the terrible truth about what had happened to her parents: both Nebular and Minea were absorbed by the Sim-Seru and were in terrible shape, unable to even see. They managed to recognize their daughter, and gave her instructions on how to journey to the past and obtain a Nemesis Gem, necessary for their entry into Jette's Absolute Fortress. A mirror in Queen Minea's chambers proved to be a doorway into the past. The heroes ventured through and arrived in the town the day before Cort's first experiment with Mist, intended to be a weapon to enhance the power of Seru, so that Conkram could finally defeat Sol. The experiment predictably went awry, however, and the town was flooded in Mist. The heroes entered Cort's laboratory in the basement of the palace, and discovered a primitive Mist Generator. They were not able to deactivate it, however, because of its link to Rogue and his evil Ra-Seru followers. The heroes were forced to cross through a portal to Rogue's Tower in the world of Seru-Kai, to kill Rogue himself. They succeeded, and as a reward, King Nebular gave them a Nemesis Gem, despite Cort's objections. The Ra-Seru heroes returned to the present, and destroyed the mist generator in Jette's Absolute Fortress by defeating Cort, to whom the Mist Generator's existence was somehow bound. This, however, deprived the giant Sim-Seru engulfing Conkram of the mist it needed to survive and it died, destroying the entire town, and killing Nebular and Minea. Noa was crushed when she returned to find the city wiped off the face of Legaia.

Jette's Absolute Fortress[edit]

Jette's Absolute Fortress is the fourth and final Mist Generator Fortress. It is the main base of those who seek to spread the Mist, and is also the base for the giant Sim-Seru Juggernaut. Jette himself guards a device halfway through the dungeon which redirects a floating platform, and Cort guards the Mist Generator itself.


Seru-Kai is a world separate from the normal realm in Legend of Legaia. Much of it is shrouded in mystery; however, what is known is that Seru-Kai is the birth place of Seru and Ra-Seru. It is a magical, mystical sort of realm which seems to have no ground. Perhaps its most important aspect is that Seru-Kai houses the Great Genesis Tree; the life-giving object of Seru and Ra-Seru alike.

Rogue's Tower[edit]

Rogue's Tower is a location in the world of Seru-Kai. It is the fortress of the evil Ra-Seru Rogue, and is itself a large Ra-Seru. The tower is full of strange circles containing blue symbols which serve as teleporters. The entire tower quakes every few seconds, and during this time, the destinations of each teleporter are different from the destinations when the tower is stable. The Ra-Seru heroes journeyed to Seru-Kai to kill Rogue, after Cort's botched experiment with Mist. On the second and third floors of the tower, they encountered more powerful versions of two enemies they had faced before: Caruban and Berserker. On the fourth floor, they found Rogue himself. Following his defeat, the entire tower collapsed, but the heroes were whisked back to Legaia by their Ra-Seru, and escaped what would otherwise have been a certain death.

Noaru Valley[edit]

Noaru Valley is located in Seru-Kai, and is the site of the Great Genesis Tree, which was necessary for the survival of all types of Seru. Its destruction would bring an end to the age of the Seru in Legaia. When the Juggernaut engulfed Rim Elm, the treacherous Biron Warrior Monk Songi crossed over to Seru-Kai, and using his special Sim-Seru which was also a Ra-Seru, he began draining the power of the Great Genesis Tree. Vahn, Noa, and Gala followed him, using a portal from Uru Mais. They found Songi at the Great Genesis Tree, and defeated him in battle. His unique Seru separated from him, and he was turned to stone by the power of Seru-Kai, which does not tolerate the presence of any human not wearing a Ra-Seru. Unfortunately, it was already too late: the Great Genesis Tree had been irreversibly weakened, and was near death. A terrible storm gathered in the sky above the Great Genesis Tree, but the Ra-Seru heroes saw a vision of Hari, and acting with his help, they were able to give the Great Genesis Tree a boost of strength, prolonging its life and stopping the storm. The heroes then travelled back to Legaia, arriving at Mt. Rikuroa, knowing they had precious little time to stop the Juggernaut before their Ra-Seru lost all their powers...

Inside Juggernaut[edit]

Bio Castle[edit]

The Bio Castle is the final dungeon. It replaces the town of Rim Elm after the destruction of the Mist Generator at Jette's Absolute Fortress. The castle consists of Juggernaut's insides, and the people of Rim Elm can be found inside in a room just over halfway through the dungeon. Cort awaits at the heart of the Juggernaut.