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Necessary locations
  • Home: Mailbox
  • Domina: Colorblocks
Possible Rewards
  • NPC: Bud
  • NPC: Lisa

Enter your house some time after your first quest/event and leave. Pelican will be outside and will tell you pumpkins have taken over Domina. At this point the event begins.

Enter Domina, head to Western Domina. Starting on the map, follow these directions:

  • Up
  • Upper Left
  • Left
  • Left
  • Left
  • Upper left

You will walk in on Bud and Lisa's conversation. Afterwards, walk towards them and this will begin the Bud and Lisa boss fight. You will gain no experience for beating them, however, they will ask to be your apprentices. If you choose to take them under your wing, later events will be accessible and they will live in your home from here on.