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Necessary Locations
  • Domina: Colorblocks
  • Mekiv Caverns: Jade Egg
  • AF "Stone Eye"
  • AF "Firefly Lamp"

Enter Domina and head up. A dialog scene between an Onion and a man will begin, ending with the man (Elazul) entering the Pub behind him. Follow and talk to him. If this is the first time you've entered the pub, you will run into Niccolo on your way inside, and he will ask you to stand aside – just do so and he will move, allowing you to go inside the pub. After talking with Elazul You will be given a few options. Choose: "Ask what happened", "Ask about the friend", and "Let's search for her". The girl, Rachal, will then give you the Jade Egg and Elazul will join your party. Leave Domina and place the Egg to make the Mekiv Caverns.

Enter the Mekiv Caverns, and the event will begin. After the short dialog, follow these directions:

  • Lower right
  • Down to the lower screen and then right
  • Right
  • Lower left
  • Lower left (Here there is a woman named Sandra, talk to her and then proceed)
  • Left (automatic) to the boss area.

Entering this area will begin the Du'Inke boss fight. After the fight, a dialog series will begin and during so you can choose to either stick up for Pearl or Elazul (it really doesn't matter which you choose). Before Pearl leaves, she will give you the Stone Eye and Firefly Lamp artifacts.