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After watching the opening video, choose New Game on your console.

Choose your main character[edit]

Here you will be asked to choose which main character you wish to have. It does not matter in this game if you choose male or female. Though if you do take the female character there are some funny talk scenes later in the game.

Choose your weapon[edit]

After choosing your gender, you then will be asked to pick a weapon. Do not worry about this. All the weapons are simple to use. If you do not like the one you choose, you can replace it once you have enough Lucre to buy one or find one after a battle. Part of the fun of the game is learning to use all the weapons and get all the attacks.

Choose your name[edit]

The next screen brings up a typewriter which allows you to select a name. The default is set to "You" but there are other default names you can choose by using the "Auto" command, or you can erase the name and put your own in. Be careful on this screen. Hitting the return command too many times will send you back to the main screen.

Choosing your world[edit]

After you select your world, you are brought to a screen with a large world map. Here you can select what area you wish to play on. Make sure you have an area that has both land and water, as some artifacts need to be placed next to or on top of water (see Lands for details).

Your first artifact[edit]

After selecting your map, you will be brought to the game board. A message will pop up saying use Square button. This brings you into the artifact menu. Select the Mailbox and place it where ever you want on the board. Placing it near the center would be optimal, so that you have more room to expand around it. Once the mailbox is placed, an opening movie will automatically start, followed by a dialog with the Mana Tree explaining your quest.