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The circuit champion of Circuit 1 is Captain Redbeard. His favorite power-up is the cannonball. Captain Redbeard has a car that is mostly yellow and brown, with a treasure chest in the centre, a jolly roger flag as well as two exhaust pipes on the back. Captain Redbeard is the best racer and he specializes in red bricks.

Imperial Grand Prix[edit]

  • Course racer: Governor Broadside

Imperial Grand Prix is an introduction course to the game. It's pretty simple so you don't need to use warp here. Race on the docks and through a cave while avoiding a moving crane. There is a shortcut in this track. It's near the exit of the cave. On your right, there are three barrels blocking a passage. To get the barrels out of the way, shoot it with a cannonball. It works best with the lightning wand. Once you exit the cave, (if you do not have any colored bricks) you can press the button that activates the power-ups to make a nearby cannon shoot a cannonball onto the course, making racers spin out.

Dark Forest Dash[edit]

  • Course racer: Rob N' Hood

Dark Forest Dash is somewhat hard. There are a lot of greens in this track so it's best to use the warp here but watch out for walls. There is a shortcut here. When you see a glance of the waterfall ahead of you, look to your left to see a large ditch in the wall. It doesn't involve any bricks in this shortcut. Just drive into the ditch. Be careful of the ghost!

Magma Moon Marathon[edit]

  • Course racer: Ann Droid

Magma Moon Marathon is easier than Dark Forest Dash. There are a bunch of white bricks in this track. Use warp once in a while as you speed through the lava-ridden planet. There are two shortcuts here. The first one is right before the lights. You will need a shield for this shortcut. On your left, there is a weird-looking wall. When you use the shield, the wall starts flickering like a light. Drive into the wall with the shield on and reveals a secret passage. The second shortcut is simple, there are two colors of light: red and blue. Drive into whatever lights they have. After that, there's a code on your left after you see the huge glass door. In the next lap, drive into the colors you see on the code to reveal the shortcut. For instance, if the code is red, red, blue, drive through them in that order on the next lap.

Desert Adventure Dragway[edit]

  • Course racer: Pharaoh's Mummy

Desert Adventure Dragway is easy. Use warps all the time to lap Captain Redbeard. There are two shortcuts, the first one is after the second turn. On your left there is a wall. Shoot it with a cannonball. The wall will explode. It works best with the lightning wand. The second shortcut is like after the third or fourth turn. There is a wall on your left with two pharaoh statues on top of the wall. Shoot it with a cannonball. The wall will explode. It works best with the lightning wand.