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The circuit champion of Circuit 2 is King Kahuka. King Kahuka's favorite power-up is the blue forcefield. King Kahuka has a car that features a gray statue of his head on the back, two wooden spears, and a multicolored chassis. King Kahuka is the best racer in this circuit and specializes in blue bricks which protect him from attacks and traps.

Tribal Island Trail[edit]

  • Course racer: Islander

Tribal Island Trail has barely any greens so use the shortcuts. There are two shortcuts. The first one is on your left after the second turn. There is this big gap in between two rocks. No bricks involved. The second shortcut is hard to see. It's right near the entrance in the cave. There is a little tunnel on the left. No bricks involved. Use the first shortcut only.

Royal Knights Raceway[edit]

  • Course racer: Royal King

Royal Knights Raceway has a lot of green bricks. Use warp all the time. Royal King is crazy for greens in this track. There is one shortcut, though it doesn't shave off a lot of time. It's right before the waterfall. On your right, there is a tunnel.

Ice Planet Pathway[edit]

  • Course racer: Commander Cold

Ice Planet Pathway is bumpy and hard. King Kahuka uses about four greens each lap, so steal them and upgrade them to warp. There are two shortcuts but the second one is not really a shortcut. The first one is easy to see. On your left when you're about to go into the cave, there is an uphill tunnel. It's an awesome shortcut because there are a trail of three white bricks and one green.

Amazon Adventure Alley[edit]

  • Course racer: Achu

Amazon Adventure Alley is the easiest of them all. Use warps when King Kahuka is right behind you. There is one shortcut. It's in the beginning of the race. Look for a waterfall on your left. Go through it.