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This seems same as Circuit 3, but reversed order and mirrored. The circuit champion of Circuit 6 is Gypsy Moth. She prefers to use the Homing Missiles, but sometimes she also uses the Warp Turbo Boost and the 10-second (red) forcefield. Gypsy Moth has a neon blue car with "futuristic-looking" wheels, and a rocket booster at the back.

Alien Rally Asteroid[edit]

  • Course racer: Alpha Dragonis

Alien Rally Asteroid is easy. Use warp if you want to, but you don't have to. There is one shortcut. When you enter the base after the evil zapper, there is a wall. You have to grab a cannonball and shoot it to reveal the passage. It works best with the lightning wand.

Adventure Temple Trail[edit]

  • Course racer: Sam Sinister

Adventure Temple Trail is the granddaddy of all courses. Basil uses warp in this one, so steal all the whites and warp like crazy. There is one shortcut. Behind the King Kahuka statue in the right-hand corner there is a secret passageway to the idol sitting on the table.

Pirate Skull Pass[edit]

  • Course racer: Blackjack Hawkins

Pirate Skull Pass is pretty tricky. There is one shortcut here. When you're about to drive the last turn, there will be a small tunnel on your left. Use warp a lot!


  • Course racer: Willa the Witch

Knightmare-athon has no shortcuts. Use warp as much as you can!