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This circuit features only one track, the Rocket Racer Run. The circuit champion of Circuit 7 is Rocket Racer. He constantly tries to get the Warp Turbo Boost. Rocket Racer prefers to use power LEGO Bricks on green LEGO Bricks, but he never uses green bricks unless he also has three white bricks. He will also use homing missiles and 10-second (red) forcefield, but that is only if he has missed all the first green bricks. Besides Rocket Racer, other drivers include Black Knight, Admiral, Gail Storm, and Nova Hunter. Rocket Racer has a sharp, streamlined car with his logo, two Rs, on the front. The car's color scheme consists of black, gray, red and blue. It also has twin turbo jets on the back.

Rocket Racer Run is sort of hard. Rocket Racer will use warp almost every time, but that's not all you'll deal with, as Black Knight will use a lot of warps too. So watch out for those two. There is one shortcut. When you enter the two turns colored Red and Blue there is a wall in the middle. Grab a cannonball to shoot the wall and it reveals a warp. It works best with the lightning wand. Use a lot of warps!