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  • Objective: Build Support Station
  • Air Supply: Depleting
  • Hazards: Minor Landslides
  • Points of Interest: None
  • Bearing: Tool store is facing north-east

Teleport in the whole team. Don't worry about the air supply, you will have enough. Drill the corner walls around your Tool Store, but don't bother blowing up the hard rock, there aren't any energy crystals under them. To find energy crystals, you need to head north-west into a small cavern, and then drill the dirt walls in the north-east corner to uncover a large cavern with a small lake in it. There will be plenty of rubble and energy crystals, enough to finish the mission. Altogether, you'll need 52 ore and 6 energy crystals minimum to build up the base.

Build a section of power path. If you build well, you can fit the whole base around one piece of power path. Remember that the Tool Store has its own power. Build your Teleport Pad and upgrade it. Now build your Power Station. Upgrade it and build a Support Station. Done, with approximately half of your air supply left, and done in half the time that it would have taken if you had followed Chief's orders.