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  • Objective: Collect forty energy crystals
  • Air Supply: Depleting
  • Hazards: Ice monsters, moderate landslides
  • Points of Interest: If you drill into a certain cavern by mistake, you will find a river of lava, which will begin to erode at a fast rate. It is exceptionally dangerous, because there are no signs of erosion until the ground becomes lava.
  • Bearing: Tool Store is facing west

This mission is like Frozen Frenzy, only a lot harder. You start with a base that has been somewhat overrun by rubble an needs sorting out. Teleport in your whole team, make sure each gets a hammer and at least three have a laser beam. Get any hard rock walls near the base reinforced and brace for an early ice monster attack (possibly two monsters). Drill around for ore and energy crystals to rebuild the power paths between the power station and support station and get some power to it.

Build up an electric fence grid and clear up the rest of the rubble inside your base. Now there will be room for a super teleport and upgrade station. Build these when you get the chance and bring down some heavy machinery. Get a chrome crusher, two loader dozers, four small transport trucks and a small digger. Upgrade all of these to the maximum. Now you are ready to start your strip mining. Drill some more. However, two walls that must not be drilled under any circumstances are:

  1. A dirt wall on the east side of the long tunnel just south of the water.
  2. A wall at the north side of the second cavern that you discover on the east side of the cavern system.

Keep drilling, bring down extra vehicles if you're impatient and you should have 40 energy crystals fairly soon.