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There are various buildings in Rock Raiders to fulfill many different purposes. Some may be necessary, while some are just to increase efficiency of production.

This is a list of all the buildings in Lego Rock Raiders. A building is implicitly assumed to require rock raiders being present, and a power path to be constructed next to.

General info[edit]

There are properties every building has:

  • Dependence: All buildings require a power path to be constructed, and Rock Raiders to be present. Other than that, all buildings other than the Tool Store require certain buildings to have been constructed and upgraded to a certain level before construction can even begin.
  • Materials: Most of the buildings require a certain number of ore and energy crystals to be constructed.
  • Upgrades: Most buildings can be upgraded. The maximum upgrade level and effect of an upgrade varies from building to building. A building always requires five ore to be upgraded one level. When not upgraded at all, a building is at "lv. 0".
  • Training: Some buildings allow Rock Raiders to train with them. This might depend on the upgrade level.
  • Power: Some buildings require power to perform all of their functions, and when they do so they reserve an energy crystals' worth of power out of the power network. Without power the building will serve no purpose and cannot train workers. The power can be manually turned off, so it can be arranged that only necessary buildings will receive power if there are not enough energy crystals in the network to supply all of the buildings.

Tool Store[edit]

  • Dependence: None
  • Materials: None
  • Upgrades
    1. Allows the construction of the Teleport Pad
    2. Can train Explosive Experts
  • Training: Explosive Expert (lv. 2)

The Tool Store is in many ways the most important building in the game, especially because every level will always start with at least one Tool Store. Rock Raiders can only acquire tools at a Tool Store, and it serves as the storage facility for ore and energy crystals. They can also be teleported down with this, and is in most cases the first way of teleportation. When dynamite or electric fences are needed, they came from this building. If upgraded twice, workers can train as an Explosive Expert, allowing them to use powerful dynamite to destroy hard rock which cannot be drilled with their tools.

Teleport Pad[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (lv. 1)
  • Materials: 8 ore
  • Upgrades
    1. Allows construction of Power Station
  • Training: Pilot

The Teleport Pad is one of the central buildings involved with vehicles, and represents the next level of teleportation power above the Tool Store. If a Rock Raider is in queue to be teleported to the planet, but all the Tool Stores are busy, Teleport Pads are used instead, so it can help to speed up teleportations of large groups of workers at a time. This building's main use is to teleport small vehicles to the surface. It's other important function is to train workers as Pilots, so they can use flying vehicles.


  • Dependence: Tool Store (lv. 1), Teleport Pad (lv. 1)
  • Materials: 8 ore, 1 energy crystal
  • Upgrades: None
  • Training: Sailor

When it comes to water vehicles, the Docks is the center of it all. When water vehicles are teleported down, although a Teleport Pad or Super Teleport is used, the teleportation is instead directed here on the water. Sailors are trained here. It is the only building that requires being next to a square of water as well as a power path.

Power Station[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (lv. 1), Teleport Pad (lv. 1)
  • Materials: 12 ore, 2 energy crystals
  • Upgrades
    1. Allows construction of Support Station, Geological Center, Upgrade Station, and Ore Refinery
  • Training: None

This is one of the most important buildings, as it supports all the other buildings. Its only function is to provide power to power path networks, using the power supplied by energy crystals. After this building is constructed, workers will bring energy crystals to this building to be assimilated into the power network, instead of the Tool Store for storage. When energy crystals are required as building materials, however, they are retrieved from the Tool Store as normal.

Support Station[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (lv. 1), Teleport Pad (lv. 1), Power Station(lv. 1)
  • Materials: 15 ore, 3 energy crystals
  • Upgrades
    1. Allows construction of Super Teleport
    2. Allows construction of more advanced vehicles
  • Training: Driver

One of the gateway buildings, and also one of the central buildings related to vehicles. It serves many purposes, one of the most vital replenishing air consumed by workers. Workers will automatically eat sandwiches here when they are hungry, so they will always be in an efficient working state. Rock Raiders are trained as drivers here. This building allows the construction of the Hover Scout, Small Digger, and Small Transport Truck, and Rapid Rider (if a Docks is built). Building this also increases the amount of Rock Raiders that can be present on the map at the same time.

Upgrade Station[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (UP1) + Teleport Pad (UP1) + Power Station (UP1)
  • Materials: 20 Ore, 3 Energy Crystals
  • Upgrades:
    1. Decreases amount of time it takes to upgrade a vehicle.
  • Training: Engineer

The upgrade station can be a very useful addition to your base, provided that you have a steady supply of ore. The upgrade station, obviously, upgrades your vehicles with a long, crane-like, arm. Several upgrades are available for the vehicles (although some cannot be upgraded.) Also, the upgrade station can train your rock raiders to be engineers, which can be handy if a vehicle is damaged by a landslide/monster of some kind.

Geological Center[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (UP1) + Teleport Pad (UP1) + Power Station (UP1)
  • Materials: 15 Ore, 3 Energy Crystals
  • Upgrades:
    1. Increases range of scanner (Lv1)
    2. Increases range of scanner to maximum (Lv2)
  • Training: Geologist

The Geological Center, although not extremely useful, allows you to see walls behind the walls currently showing by hovering over them with your mouse. It is not vital to your base, but your rock raiders can be trained as geologists there, allowing them to use a similar ability on their own.

Ore Refinery[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (UP1) + Teleport Pad (UP1) + Power Station (UP1)
  • Materials: 20 Ore, 3 Energy Crystals
  • Upgrades:
    1. Upgrades to take 4 Ore to create a Building Stud (Lv1)
    2. Upgrades to take 3 Ore to create a Building Stud (Lv2)
    3. Upgrades to take 2 Ore to create a Building Stud (Lv3)
  • Training: none

This building transforms pieces of Ore into Building Studs. Building Studs make construction easier, as it takes less Studs than Ore to build a structure. Ore is automatically taken here. Once these Studs are built, they are carried back to the Tool Store for storage.

Even though the upgrades reduce the amount of Ore required to make a Building Stud, Building Studs are still worth 5 pieces of Ore, thus allowing one to gain more Ore per piece.

Mining Laser[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (UP1) + Teleport Pad (UP1) + Power Station (UP1) + Support Station (UP1)
  • Materials: 15 Ore, 1 Energy Crystal
  • Upgrades:
    1. Increases the number of shots it takes to deplete an Energy Crystal.
  • Training: none

Although the mining laser is inexpensive, the energy crystals used by its laser can add up, even with the upgrade purchased. The mining laser is not recommended, especially on levels without a recharge seam, and is surpassed by the small mobile laser cutter and large mobile laser cutter, due to their ability to move around.

Super Teleport[edit]

  • Dependence: Tool Store (UP1) + Teleport Pad (UP1) + Power Station (UP1) + Support Station (UP1)
  • Materials: 20 Ore, 3 Energy Crystals
  • Upgrades:
    1. Allows construction of Chrome Crusher, Large Mobile Laser Cutter, and Cargo Carrier
  • Training: none

The super teleport is an expensive building, and takes up more space than any building in the game, but allows access to the largest vehicles in the game. Other than that, it has no other main purposes.