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Key Function(s) Additional notes
PC Mouse.png Everything
PC Mouse.png (to edges of screen) Move the camera around
Space Show Health bar and thoughts of all Rock Riders. Thoughts are what the Rock Raider wants to do in the immediate future.
ESC Pause
 ↑  ↓  Rotate and tilt the camera

General Controls[edit]

Alert Stations

Alert Stations is used when the base is being attacked by a Monster. It will automatically go off whenever a building or a vehicle get damaged.

When Alert Stations is activated, all Rock Raiders carrying weapons will go into alert state and rush to defend the base.

Move your mouse over anything in the map to see what it is. Click on items to receive more detailed information. Note: not all items have detailed information.

Zoom InZoom OutRotate and Tilt CameraCycle BuildingsNumber of OresNumber of Energy CrystalsSend a Rock Raider to the PlantGo to Building MenuSmall Vehicles MenuLarge Vehicles MenuAlert StationsGame OptionsPrioritiesGame AreaLRR controls.png
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The Cursor[edit]

Your cursor is a very useful tool. It will tell you information about a wall's strength, and anything else if you leave it fixed for a while on it. When pointing a wall, the number of lines inside the cursor tells you about the wall's strength.