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  • Objective: Find base and collect 20 energy crystals
  • Hazards: Fastest lava erosion in the game, lava monsters, the occasional landslide
  • Points of Interest: A handy short cut that could mean victory all the sooner

Select your team. Tell them to drill the dirt wall to the south-east. While they're moving there, rotate the camera so that the north-east wall becomes south (a little less than 180 degrees). They will drill the wall, now immediately drill the dirt wall on their left. This will open a little alcove. Keep drilling into this alcove, it will become a tunnel. Pretty soon it will start heading away from you. Once you get this far, you are safe from the lava.

Keep going along this tunnel. It will bring you to an alternate entrance to the cavern with your base in it. Teleport in four more rock raiders and begin drilling everything except the twin dirt wall at the top-right of the cavern.

Once you have collected 20 energy crystals, you're all done.