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  • Objectives: Find Abandoned Tool Store, Gather 15 energy crystals
  • Air Supply: Constant
  • Hazards: Lava erosion
  • Points of Interest: On the other side of the Lava river is a Peninsula moderately safe from erosion, but base building is not recommended since the objective is only accessible from the other side and the AI does not commend building Isolated new bases.

Your Tool store will be placed in a cavern with Lava creeping in from the Southwest and walls to the Northeast and east. Drill the north walls first to gather ore and secure as many pieces of eroding land fist, the more you have the better. Secure the area with those Energy connections. Start Building up your base, gather a small force of Rock Raiders, and then drill the northeast walls. You will find a small dead-end cavern with some energy crystals. Mine them and secure the entrance to your base. Do not forget to check up on your base because of erosion. Build some small transporters and drillers.

Then drill the walls to the east. There will be an elongated cavern there; just secure the local lava field and move on to the north. You will then find a large cavern there. Secure the Lava field and the walls. If you feel enterprising you can relocate your base here. If you drilled all the walls on the way here you should have more than enough crystals already. You could also build a road all the way from your base to improve access. The abandoned Tool store is hidden behind a piece of solid wall to the west. Drillers or higher are recommended for getting through. Dynamite is also an option.

Once you pass the walls you should find a tool store in a small cavern surrounded by soft earth. The chief should pop in and start talking, and all you have to do is mine the surrounding walls until you have 15 energy crystals. Then you're done.