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  • Objective: Escape lava river and collect thirty-five energy crystals
  • Air Supply: Depleting
  • Hazards: Eroding lava, one or two landslides
  • Points of Interest: None
  • Bearing: Tool Store is facing north-east

Teleport in your team. Immediately drill the dirt walls adjacent to the lava. Repair any minor to moderate erosion, but if it's already severely eroded, leave it. Build a dam of power paths. Quickly build up your base to the north of the tool store. Upgrade your support station, and get a super teleport, docks and upgrade station. Teleport in a small digger, small transport truck, tunnel scout and cargo carrier. Upgrade the two wheeled vehicles to the maximum and prepare to load the cargo carrier.

Get a man into the tunnel scout and send him directly north-east until he reaches land on the other side. Have him get out, drill a wall and build one section of power path. Teleport in a Tool Store and ferry the two vehicles over with the cargo carrier. Teleport out the cargo carrier and leave the other rock raiders to take care of your base. Even if nothing else survives, make sure that the support station is still working.

On the other side, drill every wall with the small digger and the transport truck will pick up the energy crystals. You should have 35 before long.