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  • Objective: Locate Tunnel Transport
  • Air Supply: Depleting
  • Hazards: Ice monsters, dangerous landslides
  • Points of Interest: A small peninsula that is covered with energy crystals to the far north-west

You start with a Tool Store in a fairly large cavern. Teleport in all your rock raiders, and immediately give at least three of them a laser beam. After doing that, get them drilling away at the dirt and loose rock to the north and north-east. Pretty soon you'll encounter some hard rock to the north-east, so get that reinforced. Build up your base but be warned: as soon as one of your raiders goes up into the narrow tunnel to the north-west, an ice monster will appear. Once dealt with, get your raiders to reinforce all the walls to the north-west of your base, but not the one that faces north-east, there is an energy crystal seam behind it which you will need for your base.

Drill to the south-west until you find some hard rock. Now, keep reinforcing and blowing up all the hard rock until you find an alternative entrance to your base. It will lead southeast in a winding path. There will be a lot of ore and energy crystals that you can use to get a super teleport up. Build a super teleport and transport down a Chrome crusher. Build an Upgrade Station to upgrade its drill and engine, then bring in some Small transport trucks if you haven't already. Upgrade the engines and cargo holds, then get ready to take down the north-west wall that you reinforced earlier. Once done, drill everything in this cavern, there are multiple hard rock corners that keep collapsing and some energy crystal seams. Watch out for monsters. Don't go north-east from here, go south-west. There are a few more monsters here, so make sure you know how to use the chrome crushers laser and keep some men on the ground with weapons. Clear out the entirety of the south-west to west area. You'll get a lot more ore and energy crystals to indulge in more vehicles and upgrading them. Some Loader Dozers wouldn't be a bad idea, you're going to need them later.

Teleport in a small digger and upgrade it fully. To the north east is a cavern that starts off with a narrow tunnel surrounded by unstable loose rock, which then cuts south-east into a small open area, which often has devastating landslides. Using the small digger is preferable, as it is fast and able to get out of the way of the landslides, whereas the chrome crusher is too slow and would get hit more often.

Switch off clearing rubble and collecting ore and energy crystals in the priorities menu. Drill the north-east wall that you reinforced earlier. Immediately use the small digger to drill out everything in this cavern. Once all the unstable rock is removed, return the priorities to normal. Drill north-west and you'll find a small cavern. Drill around and you'll find a cavern with a lake and a peninsula covered in energy crystals. Drill any other bit of rock that you see around the place, and when you get bored, drill those hard rock walls to the north-east of your base. There are a few monsters along the way, but keep your task force with the mining fleet and all should be well.