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  • Objective: Collect thirty energy crystals
  • Hazards: Sleeping lava monsters, mild landslides
  • Points of Interest: Cavern system is entirely symmetrical
  • Bearing: Tool Store is facing north

Teleport in the whole team and start drilling the loose rock corners. The resources you uncover should be enough to get your Support Station up. Do not drill the dirt wall yet. Drill the ore seams either side of your tool store. Now, here's how to build your base:

Power path in front of tool store, another adjacent on the right. Power path to left of tool store's square power path. Teleport pad goes on the right of the tool store. Power station goes to the left around the section of power path. Support station goes to the right of the teleport pad. This should give you a straight row of buildings.

Now, blow up the hard rock either side of the base. Drill the seams but ignore the rock at the north end of each long, narrow cavern. Instead, drill the dirt walls at the north end of the initial cavern, until you reach a single dirt wall with solid rock on either side. Reinforce this wall and leave it alone. Build a super teleport and upgrade station. Teleport in a chrome crusher, two small transport trucks and one or two loader dozers. Upgrade them fully and send the chrome crusher to the east cavern. Travel up it until you reach hard rock on the east wall. Drill it, and you will find yourself in a cavern with a lot of rock to drill. Drill everything except the dirt wall to the north. You will discover multiple energy crystal seams. Once done here, make your way over to the west side and repeat this process. You should now have thirty energy crystals. If not, teleport up the vehicles.