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  • Objective: Collect thirty-five energy crystals
  • Hazards: Eroding lava, moderate landslides
  • Points of Interest: Despite an attack by lava monsters before the mission began, no lava monsters can be found in this mission
  • Bearing: Tool store is facing north-east

You begin with a reasonably sized base, complete with everything you need, but no power or power paths. Teleport in your team and make sure each man gets a hammer. Immediately reinforce any hard rock that is giving you grief, drill around for energy crystals and clear the rubble between the power station and support station. Rebuild power paths between these two buildings, and then add in the teleport pad. This will allow you to start bringing in some vehicles.

While your base is recovering, move up to the north-east and build a dam of power path to block the lava. If you like, you can even build a path right back to your base so that the lava is impeded as effectively as possible. Now that you have some vehicles, begin drilling to the north-west of the dam, where there is an abundance of energy crystals. You should have 35 in no time at all.