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Here are some tricks for Lego Rock Raiders.

  1. On some missions you have an air bar. Your air bar goes down faster depending on how many Rock Raiders you have. Build a support station to stop this bar from going down. A Support Station can support 10 raiders, but the air supply will increase if you have 9 or fewer.
  2. Always have laser beams or any other tools of defense ready during these missions: Frozen Frenzy, Rock Hard, Ice Spy, Lava Laughter, Air Raiders, Back to Basics, Hot Stuff, and Rocky Horror.
  3. Always build electric fences around your base after you get a power station during the above missions.
  4. Electric fences do not work on slimy slugs. To stop slimy slugs from coming, build power paths around their holes. you can also use mining lasers, small laser cutters, and large laser cutters. You can also teleport up your tool store if you are being attacked by too many slimy slugs at once. This will also give you infinite laser shots when using vehicles. Your energy crystal count will never go down (but you won't be able to build any more buildings or vehicles).
  5. Try to construct Rock Raider HQ as soon as possible.
  6. Never use dynamite near people, buildings, or vehicles.
  7. Build power paths often to make Rock Raiders run faster on them, but don't go to overboard.
  8. Never build pleasure buildings you won't use.
  9. Keep a good supply of energy crystals handy.
  10. Train your Rock Raiders in every profession at the start of the game.'Driller night' is ideal for Explosives experts, Pilots and Drivers, also to upgrade the Rock Raiders to the maximum so that they can carry more tools.
  11. Always give your Rock Raiders hammers. This cannot be stressed enough. When you find a dangerous wall that guards the only path around, and you need to send a rock raider back to get a hammer, and in the meantime, at least two other units get teleported out due to damage, you will wish that you had given them hammers.
  12. Once a rock raider is teleported out due to damage, you can never get him again. Even if he is the master of everything and can carry an entire toolbox around with him. But if you don't save your game he will come back when you restart the game. Keep checking your raider's shield status and teleport them out if their shields have taken too much damage. You will get them back straight away when you teleport a raider down.