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Obvious differences from Softporn Adventure[edit]

  • Graphics.
  • You control Leisure Suit Larry.

Not so obvious differences[edit]

  • Type FAST to speed up the game.
  • Type USE SPRAY when characters comment on your breath.

Don't do these things![edit]

Ways to get stuck[edit]

  • Eating the apple
  • Giving items to people (except where the walkthrough indicates)
  • Getting tied to the bed before giving the wino some wine

Ways to die or lose the game[edit]

  • Failing to lose virginity by midnight
  • Walking in the street
  • Flushing the toilet in the bar
  • Getting beat up in the alley
  • Going somewhere in a taxi and exiting without paying
  • Attempting to steal from the store
  • Entering cab while carrying wine
  • Catching an STD from the hooker
  • Attempting to lick the hooker
  • Failing to remove condom after sex
  • Eating pills
  • Leaning over the railing without using the rope