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Konami Code[edit]

The famous Konami code does work in this game. Unlike Gradius, it cannot be used to instantly power up your ship. Instead, it functions much like Contra, where if you input the code on the title screen, you can begin the game with 30 lives. On the title screen, simply enter:

Up dpad Up dpad Down dpad Down dpad Left dpad Right dpad Left dpad Right dpad B button A button

Then press Start button to begin a one player game, or press Select button and Start button to begin a two player game. Even in a two player game, both player will have 30 lives.

Hidden 1-Ups[edit]

There are four extra lives hidden in the first three stages. In order to collect them, you must first shoot the location where they are hidden, and then touch the 1-Up that appears. Refer to the table below to learn the locations of these four 1-Ups.

Stage 1 Stage 1
Life Force stage1 1up1.png
When you reach the blue corpuscles lodged within the thin webbing of tissue, shoot a pathway roughly one third of the way down from the top of the screen to make the first hidden 1-Up appear.
Life Force stage1 1up2.png
At the very end of the stage, you must shoot through regenerating tissue. A second hidden 1-Up happens to be waiting at the very bottom of the end of the long regenerating wall. You must maneuver yourself to the bottom before you start blasting through the tissue.
Stage 2 Stage 3
Life Force stage2 1up.png
After you defeat the the cores in the fortress and begin blasting through the pink dirt to reach the Tetran Cruiser, blast a path through the right tunnel, and carefully bare to the left. Alternative, fly through the middle tunnel with both Options to your right.
Life Force stage3 1up.png
The final hidden 1-Up is placed precariously close to the base of the 5th prominence eruption at the top of the screen. Your Missiles can flush it out. Wait until the prominence is finished before attempting to collect it.

5000 Bonus Points[edit]

In addition to hidden 1-Ups, there are also locations that will earn you 5000 points if you fly through them. You only need to fly over the right area, you do not have to shoot them and there is nothing to reveal. You will know when you hit the right area when the sound indicating a extra life is heard.

Stage 1 Stage 1 Stage 2
Life Force stage1 bonus1.png
The first bonus location is just behind the first Sharp Cross that drops down from the ceiling.
Life Force stage1 bonus2.png
You can collect this second bonus if you explore the very top of the long regenerating wall, but you must sacrifice collecting the 1-Up.
Life Force stage2 bonus1.png
After firing upon the first volcano and shutting it down, explore the area right around the peak.
Stage 2 Stage 2 Stage 2
Life Force stage2 bonus2.png
After the stage splits into three paths, explore the area right above the first wall which separates the left and middle path.
Life Force stage2 bonus3.png
Just before you reach the three core fortress, fly above the mountain on the right side of the screen, before the dirt begins.
Life Force stage2 bonus4.png
After destroying the three core fortress, fly through the left tunnel and bare right, once again sacrificing the 1-Up.
Stage 3 Stage 3 Stage 3
Life Force stage3 bonus1.png
The second prominence erupts on the top of the screen. After it does, fly right below the base to collect the bonus.
Life Force stage3 bonus2.png
The ninth prominence (fourth to last) erupts from the top. Explore the lowest point on the flame to earn 5000 points.
Life Force stage3 bonus3.png
Immediately after that, explore the peak of the next prominence, the tenth (or third to last) for another bonus.