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Abyss Walker are offensive melee warriors. They use daggers and light armor. They really depend on jumping from behind and backstabbing, before someone starts killing them(they bite the dirt really easy). Their critical power is outstanding, plus the good moving speed and the handy "Ultimate evasion skill" almost makes them impossible to hit. Overall they can kill every class if you have a good tactic and don't face nukers in front of you :)

Abyss Walkers are good in solo playing and even better in group because of their hex skill - it lowers the P.def of the selected mob. This skill is unique for all dark elven fighters. If a party does not have any dark elf fighter, it will look for one and the combination of good damage deal and hex is tempting.

With Abyss Walkers outstanding run speed you can kit mobs very easy. They get the most superior P.atk of all rogue mele classes. Abyss Walkers agility is second to the elven Plain Walker which gives the grat critical rate.