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Destroyer is a general warrior class of the orcs. They wear heavy or light armor and wield Sword, Blunt, Twohanded weapons and Polearms.


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Lvl 20-40 - Iron Punch,Atan Attack, Power Sweep, Smash Attack - RecklezZ;


The best equipment on d-grade would be the Brigandine Set and the Bonebreaker, the Glaive and the Claymore. On c-grade the full plate set combined with the Yaksa Mace SA Health, the Orcish Poleaxe SA Long Blow and the Berserker Blade SA Haste would be best. On b-grade Doom Heavy with Art of Battle Axe SA Health, Lance SA Longblow and Great Sword SA Focus. On a-grade Nightmare Heavy with Elysian Axe SA Health, Tallum Glaive SA Health (or Wide Blow) and Dragon Slayer SA Health (or Critical Bleed, but Destroyers don't get many Criticals).

Alternative set up for A grade: Tallum Heavy, Infernal Master with Focus, +5str-5con, +4dex-4con. A strict PVE set-up, very good for soloing in hunting grounds.