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Dwarven Bounty Hunter[edit]

A level 40 Dwarven Scavenger has to opportunity, after some of the worst class quests in Lineage 2, to become a Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunters continue to hone their spoil skills. The items that a Bounty Hunter can spoil are those that are extremely rare though needed in large numbers for C, B, and A grade items.


Higher level spoil skills dominate the Bounty Hunter skill tree, along with a great new skill: fake death.

Expertise C, B, A, and S[edit]

The ability to use items of higher grades comes at the same time as the crystalize skill (40, 52, and 60 respectively) with S proficiency available at 67.

Hammer Crush[edit]

The Hammer Crush skill is little more than a higher level version of stunning hit.


The Whirlwind skill is like wild sweep, just stronger.

Fake Death[edit]

The Fake Death skill allows the Bounty Hunter to play dead for a monster, who thinking they are dead, will attack the nearest character. While the Bounty Hunter is playing dead, MP is consumed continuously. This can be used defensively if the character gets in a situation they cannot fight their way out of, or offensively by attracting multiple mobs and "training" another character by faking death right on top of them, sending the now aggressive mobs after the nearest unfortunate character.

Party Use[edit]

Bounty Hunters are common for duo situations with a healer or buffer. For larger parties in dungeons, a trade off is made between getting extra experience points by having a proficient damage dealer and a money making dwarf. If greed wins, a Bounty Hunter will get a party.

Clan Use[edit]

Now spoiling C and B grade materials, Bounty Hunters can work closely with Warsmiths for specific projects or just a fellow clanmate looking for a recipe for an item.

Spoil Changes[edit]

Because B grade recipes are consumed with the craft, recipes too must be spoiled in larger amounts. High recipe prices upwards of 1 milllion adena are not uncommon, as are dyes that can be worth just as much. These spoilable items continue to keep Bounty Hunters in a good financial state and the target of jealousy to other players.