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Dwarven Fighter is the starting warrior class of the dwarves.

Key Skills[edit]

Format: Name (Max. Level) - Description (Level[+Updates]/Next Level ...)

  • Armor Mastery (5) - Increase P.Def. (5/10+2/15+2)
  • Create Item (1) - Ability to manufact level n items. (5)
  • Spoil (1) - Ability to enable the spoil condition in the living target. Counts as attack. (10)
  • Sweeper (1) - Ability to extract the extra items from mobs which had the spoil condition enabled before their death. (10)
  • Weapon Mastery (3) - Increases P.Atk. (5/10/15)
  • Weight Limit (1) - Ability to carry (1+n) times as much weight. (10)


If you want to play a dwarf, you should inform yourself about Crafting.

It is important to get Spoil and Sweeper skills as early as possible, as they give the opportunity to gather a lot of additional resources and allow to gain all 5 level 1 material recipes in the dwarven lands itself (as well as some level 2 materials recipes for future Warsmiths). You should not allocate any other skill before you don't have these two.

On lowlevel, it is possible to use Spoil as an Aggression skill to make the dwarf operate as a tank.