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Warsmith is a general dwarven warrior class, and they are the specialized Crafters of the game. They wear heavy or light armor, can stun with blunt weapons and whirlwind with polearms.

Key Skills[edit]

  • Bandage (3) - Heals Bleeding. (20/46/62)
  • Blunt Mastery (45) - Increases P.Atk. Blunt only. (20/24/28+2/32+2/36+2/40+3/43+3/46+3/49+3/52+3/55+3/58+3/60+2/62+2/64+2/66+2/68+2/70+2/72+2/74+2)
  • Crystalize (5) - Convert weapons, armor and assessoires into crystals of the same grade. (20/40/52/60/70)
  • Create Item (9) - Craft Items of up to craft level n. (5/20/28/36/43/49/55/62/70)
  • Hammer Crush (37) - Improved Stun Attack. Over-Hit available. Blunt only. (40+3/43+3/46+3/49+3/52+3/55+3/58+3/60+2/62+2/64+2/66+2/68+2/70+2/72+2/74+2)
  • Heavy Armor Mastery (50) - Increases P.Def. Heavy Armor only. (20+2/24+2/28+3/32+3/36+3/40+3/43+3/46+3/49+3/52+3/55+3/58+3/60+2/62+2/64+2/66+2/68+2/70+2/72+2/74+2)
  • Light Armor Mastery (50) - Increases P.Def and Evasion. Light Armor only. (20+2/24+2/28+3/32+3/36+3/40+3/43+3/46+3/49+3/52+3/55+3/58+3/60+2/62+2/64+2/66+2/68+2/70+2/72+2/74+2)
  • Polearm Mastery (45) - Increases P.Atk. Polearm only. (20/24/28+2/32+2/36+2/40+3/43+3/46+3/49+3/52+3/55+3/58+3/60+2/62+2/64+2/66+2/68+2/70+2/72+2/74+2)
  • Spoil (1) - Try to convert the target that sweeper works. (10)
  • Stun Attack (15) - Stun attack. Over-Hit available. Blunt only. (20+3/24+3/28+3/32+3/36+3)
  • Summon Big Boom (4) - Summon a servitor. Consumes 30% xp. D-grade crystals required. (58/62/66/70)
  • Summon Mechanic Golem (8) - Summon a servitor with melee and ranged attack. Consumes 30% xp. D-grade crystals required. (28/36/43/49/55/60/64/68)
  • Summon Siege Golem (1) - Summon siege golem. C-grade crystals and gems required. Sieges only. (49)
  • Summon Wild Hog Cannon (1) - Summon siege cannon. B-grade crystals and gems required. Sieges only. (58)
  • Sweeper (1) - Retrieve items from corpse in target. (10)
  • Vital Force (8) - Improves HP regen while sitting. (24/32/40/46/52/58/64/72)
  • Weight Limit (2) - Increases the maximum carried weight by factor (n+1). (10/24)
  • Whirlwind (37) - Improved Wild Sweep, attack every opponent at close range. Over-Hit available. Polearm only. (40+3/43+3/46+3/49+3/52+3/55+3/58+3/60+2/62+2/64+2/66+2/68+2/70+2/72+2/74+2)
  • Wild Sweep (15) - Attack multiple enemies. Over-Hit available. Polearm only. (20+3/24+3/28+3/32+3/36+3)
  • Wrath (10) - Decreases CP of nearby enemies by a fixed percent. Polearms only. (66+2/68+2/70+2/72+2/74+2)

Other comments[edit]

The Warsmith gets Hammer Crush as improved version of Stun Attack, and Whirlwind as improved version of Wild Sweep. Additionally they get later the Big Boom, which has a nice AoE effect when it explodes, without making the mobs aggressive against the dwarf himself.

As other classes gain skills to pacify targets or backstab with unimaginable power, the Dwarven Warsmith gets only an upgrade to the less than effective stun skill or a polearm sweep skill with similar results. Even as a tank, without simple skills like hate or hate aura, they cannot keep monsters off the damage dealers. However with a polearm, and the polearm masteries that Dwarfs get, a Warsmith can make an effective AOE character for a duo with a healing class or as another AoE damage dealer, and their high CON allows for addign +5str -5Con tatoos to the Warsmith for an extra 15% PAtk without getting to low on HP. Alternatively, one could use Light armor and boost +5 Dex / -5 Con instead for higher attack rate and more crits.

From 40-50 Dwarfs can solo really well against the right mobs. With the Stun skill, which remains effective up to 50, and Hammer Crush, the Warsmith can reduce much of the damage he takes. Also with cheap soul shots that he can contantly use cheaply, he can level on his own very well up until 50-52. At 52 he is best to go with groups and AoE with a polearm, but then at 58 when he gets Big Boom, he can solo again and level very fast beyond 58 with zero down time.

Only Warsmiths can create the siege monsters used to assist in a castle siege, and that makes them highly desirable in a clan. Having multiple Warsmiths for this purpose is even better. For those clans that are not interested in siege warfare, the crafting ability of the Warsmith to make soulshot and spiritshot at cost and always have a crafter for whatever item desired means no Warsmith should be without a clan.

While the Artisan might have a few items of interest and the occasional D grade shot sale, the Warsmith has limitless profitability if they have the right recipes. Warsmiths can create many items that are either so infinitely rare as a drop or do not drop at all. No items above grade D are sold in the NPC shops. Better yet, Warsmiths can sit in town, away from the computer, with a craft shop open essentially selling their skills to craft these items. Lower end soulshot crafts might sell for 100 adena, but top grade weapons craft for 100,000 and higher. A high level crafter as an alternate character can make a great deal of adena without much effort.