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Elven Mystic is the basic magic user class of the elves.


Format: Name (Max. Level) - Description (Level[+Updates]/Next Level ...)


  • Battle Heal (3) - Heals faster but at greater mp cost than Heal. (14+3)
  • Cure Poison (1) - Cures poison. (7)
  • Curse: Weakness (1) - Lowers P.atk of target. (14)
  • Group Heal (3) - Heals all members of the current party. (14+3)
  • Heal (6) - Heals the target. (7+3/14+3)
  • Ice Bolt (4) - Freezing attack with a slow effect on target. (7+2/14+2)
  • Might (1) - Increases P.atk of target. (7)
  • Self Heal (1) - Heals caster. (1)
  • Shield (1) - Increases P.def of target. (7)
  • Wind Strike (5) - Wind attack on target. (1/7+2/14+2)


  • Anti Magic (4) - Increases M.Def. (7+2/14+2)
  • Armor Mastery (3) - Increases P.Def. (7/14+2)
  • Weapon Mastery (2) - Increases P.Atk and M.Atk. (7/14)


All mystics will want to get the devotion robe set for a speedup of their spellcasting. This set is relatively cheap (about 42.000 adenna) and can be bought in all starting towns. The set bonus (15% to casting speed) is so good, that there is hardly anything better until c-grade. Other than that, lowlevel mystics need hardly any clothing, as they should never be hit by opponents.

The best no-grade weapons for mystics are either the Crucifix of Blessing or the Voodoo Doll. Both are onehanded and can be combined with a shield. They can be bought in Gludio, Giran and Aden for about a quarter million adenna.


Lowlevel mystics (except orcs) are always played as offensive spellcasters with hit and run. The spellcasters speaks his spell, then runs away until the spell is recharged, at which point the spell is cast again.

With Level 7, one should first maximise Wind Strike, then Ice Bolt. The later should be used first, as it has less damage, but can slow the mobs down, simplifying the run away part of hit and run. Other spells are hardly ever needed until level 20, even if Heal won't hurt to have.

Don't forget to get the buffs from the newbie guide. Especially the first one at level 8, Wind Walk, will be another huge help to the hit and run tactics, while Acumen and Empower will later make the spells faster and stronger.

Additional Note: The Elven Mystic class has several key advantages at the start of game that helps it trememdously in the area of equipment.

First, the Elven Village area is very peaceful in contrast with other starting locations; the majority of creatures within the area is non-aggressive (non-aggro), and it is not until around level 15 do mobs become more aggressive. The land area is flat and the mob concentration tends to be low (per square foot). As a result, social mobs do not group up against a player unless the player made major mistakes.

Second, the Elves have access to two of the more lucrative early quests. One requires hunting for Spore Sacs in return for 2000 adena, while the other, Spider Legs for 1000 adena and Experience Points. Between these two and the drops from the mobs, it is extremely easy for Elven Mystics to quickly acquire very good no-grade equipment.

In addition, the Level 10 weapon quest that is common across all races is, at least from experience, significantly easier for Elves. This translate to a very quick and high return on efforts in hunting, and this gives Elves a good starting advantage in terms of equipment.