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Human Fighter is the starting fighter class of the Humans.

They get Power Strike like Elves, Darkelves and Orcs.

They get Mortal Blow and Power Shot like Elves and Darkelves.

They get Relax like Orcs.


Format: Name (Max. Level) - Description (Level[+Updates]/Next Level ...)


  • Moral Blow (9) - Damage attack. Dagger only. (5+3/10+3/15+3)
  • Power Shot (9) - Damage attack. Over-hit available. Bow only. (5+3/10+3/15+3)
  • Power Strike (9) - Damage attack. Over-hit available. Sword and Blunt only. (5+3/10+3/15+3)
  • Relax (1) - Doubles HP regenertion while sitting, costs MP. (5)


  • Armor Mastery (5) - Increase P.Def. (5/10+2/15+2)
  • Weapon Mastery (3) - Increases P.Atk. (5/10/15)


You should only learn the skills of the weapons you want to use in future, which means future rogues should learn Power Shot and Mortal Blow, while the others learn Power Strike, but should consider Power Shot too, especially if they have a good bow. For future Knights, Power Strike will be the only Overhit-able ability they will ever get.

Relax costs a fixed amount of mp, but doubles hp regeneration no matter how high the later is. On higher levels, around level 30, the mp cost becomes negligible, and the skill can save overall downtime. On lower levels, its almost always more effective to rest normally. In any case you should watch the hp and mp bar when using Relax; when they are on the same level, stop using Relax if you want to have max hp and mp after the rest.


On this level, all one really needs is a good weapon. If money is no issue, the twohanded swords are probably most effective, as on lower levels you can kill non-aggressive mobs with one hit with them. Otherwise choose the weapon of the class you want to develop to in the end. Polearms are pretty useless on no-grade, as most low level mobs are not aggressive, one misses too often, and armor is not protective enough yet. A bow for ranged attacks will be helpful, so one can wound enemies before they go into melee; beware that higher bows use much more than only one soul shot per attack, but also do extreme damage, especially when combined with the Power Shot skill.

The best armors on no-grade are those with the highest pdef, as the bonus of the Wooden Set is irrelevant. But unless money is no issue, it’s probably better to just rely on full drops which still happen quite frequently on this level, and just mass slaughtering through lesser mobs (green ones). This way you get more money and drops per level and don’t need that good armor to fight without pause. Buying jewelry is no issue either as there is nothing with dangerous spells around yet, again just rely on drops or only buy cheap versions.

If money is an issue, future Knights should prefer the Piece Bone or better the Bronze Armor parts, as they will get Heavy Armor skill after the class change which will work immediately. Future Warriors should stay consistent, either both parts heavy or both parts light, as light will give them an evasion bonus they will miss if they also wear heavy.


You can party with a mystic, who can offer healing quite early, but you probably really need a bow then. Anyway, once you can get them, you should always return to the starter town for getting new newbie buffs whenever they have run out.